Sometimes (not very often) I’m a person of very few words,  especially when it comes to writing.  One of my strengths has always been interacting with people. … Face to face, at conventions – dancing – signings – shoots etc. … I like to see the person I’m communicating with, and to have a physical connection. … No, I’m not just talking sexually. (Although that is very NICE!!)  I like eye contact. I want to see your expressions and feel your energy.   Okay, so it is sounding sexual, I can’t help it. … It comes naturally!!!  Now that my site is up and running I have posts, blogs and stories to write. I have to get used to interacting with people through this technology.  Patience and perseverance!!!!!  Something I am excited about and that is right up my alley are live shows! Woohoo!!!  That way we can all be satisfied!!!!! 😆      I’m off to the grocery store. Then I’ll walk the dog, work out, and head over to my girlfriend’s house to get my camera set up for live shows and to practice spray tanning.   Until next time. … Enjoy the journey!!!!

Love and peace!!!!!


One of our favorite places.
We don't spend ALL our time here. Swear.

I always forget how much the AEE kicks my ass. Late nights –  tons of fun and mass amounts of people will do that to ya.   I can’t believe it’s been over a week since the convention!!  Usually it takes me a couple of days of peace and quiet to get back on track, but this trip I brought home a bug that had me down and out all week.  🙁

There was so much that happened over those 4 days for me one of the highlights was….

An unexpected guest — Cheyenne Silver!!!!!  It was so nice catching up and getting to know her better! We had a blast!!! The other beautiful accessory to our suite, was Ms. Cytherea!  Dang that girl is a bundle of energy!!!!  I had the pleasure of shooting  (camera), an amazing G/G scene with these 2 hot ladies. Not sure how good the camera work was. … I had a lot of distractions!!!!    😉  The scene will be up soon, on Shayla.com, and plenty of pics of our time in Vegas can be seen on Risque, too. 

The trip was a whirlwind of dinners – interviews – fans and fun!!!!!

I’m off to walk the dog, hit the gym, and get some work done!!!



Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year!
Have A Sexy 2011!

For me, the New Year means reflecting on the past year – setting goals – letting go and moving on. … A fresh start, so to speak.   Sometimes easier said then done, but I have the best intentions!!

Tomorrow I head to LV for the AEE (CES). I am really looking forward to it!!! This will be the 1st year that I will be attending, without having any commitments or schedule.  Yahoo!!!!   I will be promoting Shayla.com – shooting new content – taking in all of the eye candy,  and whatever else I want to do.

Before we disembarked on this adventure, we put up a new set of pics and video on Shayla.com….This one has the amazing Nici Sterling, Wilde Oscar and Alicia (a newbie).  This scene has all of my favorite components for a scene — hot women and a real dick!!!!   😀   I believe this was my 1st scene with Nici. She is someone I have loved ever since she came into the biz. … Gorgeous, smart and soooo sexy.  Wilde Oscar is a great guy all around, and Nici’s other half, which in my opinion always makes for a great scene … as long as everyone is comfortable. (They were!!!)  And the beautiful Alicia — she was new, hot and eager!!!  There are plenty more hot scenes where that came from!!!!   Stop by and check  out Shayla.com.

Live Love Laugh,



Happy Holidays!!!!

Hi!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Xmas!!  Mine was perfect! Full of family and fun.   No snow though. 🙁

It has been quite an eventful December. … My youngest sister had a baby on the 6th and one of my other sisters had her 2nd little one this morning! That makes 5 nieces and nephews! OW MY!!!!!  All except 2 have birthdays in Dec. One is Jan. 1st. (Close enough!)  EEEgad!!!!  I am going to be one broke  Aunt during the holiday season.

To top it all off, my website (shayla.com) was launched on my B-day Dec 27th. … What a GREAT month!!!!!  Come in and check it out.  Like everything in life it’s a work in progress.

A BIG THANK YOU!!!!  to the folks at Risque. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have a site.

Have a good – safe New Year’s Eve!!!!




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