Memories and Goodies….

Hi all!

I hope you’re having a sunny day!

After pulling out all of my dance gear for Detroit, I realized I needed to do some serious organizing and cleaning out!! Dang, it’s pretty amazing what one collects over the years –stacks of 8×10’s, DVD’s, posters, trading cards, shoes and costumes. Well my timing couldn’t be better. … The store on is getting a complete makeover, so some of these goodies will be up for sale in about a week. The rest will be added over time. I haven’t even attempted my storage unit, so who knows what I’ll  find?  Stay tuned!!!

So the other night I’m looking for something to watch and what do I run across but Orgazmo! It had just started. I don’t think I’ve ever watched the whole movie straight through, (It’s hard for me to watch myself.) but that night I finally did!! Damn that was a fun and once in a lifetime experience. … Who knew Trey and Matt would become so famous, and I was lucky enough to be in their movie.  Ahhhh good times!!!!

Well I’m off to walk Vinnie. … Have a great day!!!




2 thoughts on “Memories and Goodies….”

  1. Get out the rain gear and Trixie’s rain coat. Sounds like a doozie!!!! I think we’re getting that storm on Monday. … We do need it though!! It’s been soooo beautiful here. … Ever notice how they play the best tunes when spring hits? Roll down your window and jam-out kinda music!!

    Try to stay dry and enjoy!!

  2. LOL!

    Northern California is being hit with it’s heaviest rainfall of the season this week.

    Can’t wait to see what will be on sale….


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