7 thoughts on “My Store is BACK!”

  1. Hello, I was wondering if there was a place to purchase a copy of Nina shayla and Kylie Barcelona trip, been looking for a copy to purchase and help would be appreciated

    1. We have not seen it around for some time, sorry. Even Shayla’s membership site only has limited coverage of that unique show. We will ask her about it, though. You never know what she may have squirreled away in a box somewhere.

  2. Hello Beautiful Shayla

    would love to get a hold of you , so i can buy some of your worn item’s , if you don’t mine shayla , i want to collect a few of your thing’s , and if you have other item’s even better , your thee greatest actress in the world , and thee most gorgeous woman too , your very stunning . hope to hear from you soon ,,,
    thank you for your time .

  3. Shayla before I forget I can’t leave without telling you I love you in all girl scenes that shouldn’t surprise you you probably hear that a lot but I like how you perform in them I like scenes that are feminine but dirty at the same time if you know what I mean and you’re great at that I also like your bondage scenes with Nina Hartley very very erotic

  4. Hey You…… How have you been? Are you still with your hubby? It’s Tony in NY “Tony & GiGi” Well it’s just Tony Now, LOL Hope all is well…..

    1. Tony, Good to hear from u!! Been good, living in Colorado..James and I have been separated for quite awhile but, remain VERY good friends. How r u? What have you been up to? How old are the boyz now?


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