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I was born December 27, 1969. I was an average student in school. I enjoyed playing sports, and I participated in volleyball, cheerleading, basketball and ski club.

In high school I got along with everyone – the jocks, the popular kids, the nerds. I wasn’t in a clique.

I’ve always loved performing, as you can probably tell from my movies. One of my first roles in a school play was a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz.

Animals are a passion of mine. I’ve had dogs all my life, and was lucky to grow up in horse country.

I started stripping when I was 18. I enjoyed the dancing part, but I’m not a great hustler, so I went to work for a strip tease company. I loved getting out of the club and into the world, and it was so much less stressful not competing with 50 other girls. It was a completely different environment and a different feeling.

I was the top girl at the strip tease company and was booked solid most of the time. But the boss would do the ol’ bait and switch. He’d tell a customer I would be doing their party, then send someone else, and would tell them that I’d flaked. I’d built a good following, and the customers started calling me and asking what was going on.

So I decided to start my own strip tease company. I brought some of the girls from the other company with me, and hired others as the business got bigger. I enjoyed it for a while, but I got kind of tired of working with flaky girls, and I didn’t want to be a babysitter. That’s why I jumped at the chance to try my hand in Adult.

Getting naked in front of the camera felt very natural from the beginning, but my first sex scene was a little stressful.

I was at Scotty Fox’ house, and my partner was Randy Spears. (I just love Randy!) But before my scene I had a mini panic attack. I remember sitting in the bathroom and looking at the window and thinking, “Could I crawl out?”

Everything was fine as soon as I went out on set. I’d been hanging with the crew all day, so had gotten to know them, and of course Randy was great! I felt super-comfortable, and it opened up another side of my sexuality. I enjoyed the performance, and I enjoyed the feedback from the crew. I could tell they were turned on by my scene and I loved it!

Since then I’ve been happily making X-Rated movies, dancing on the road, and doing signing. I love meeting my fans!

My new site is ALMOST up and running, so please check out www.shayla.com to learn more about me, and to see lots of sexy photos and video clips!




8 thoughts on “About Ms. LaVeaux”

  1. Like many, I’ve loved your work and wish you only the best! Any travel near St Louis will be welcomed! Thanks.

  2. I finally found you! You were always my favorite performer your scenes were sooo real. Anyway I read somewhere you had gotten out of the business. Than, I saw you on an episode of Cinamax’s “Sex Games” and the memories came back. So glad to have found you again and I will continue to follow you. Do you have any plans for some new movies in the near future? Thank you so much Ma’am!

    1. Don’t necessarily believe everything you read about Shayla unless you read it here or at her adult site Shayla.com (only $19.99/mo!!!). If all goes according to plan, she will be shooting for both web and DVD XXX in March.

    2. Yay!!! I’m glad you found me too! Welcome!!!! I took a bit of a break and moved back to Colorado, but have been back in and pretty active for the past few years. Shayla.com is updated at least once a week, with new and old content. I am still shooting, just not as often as before. In the near future I will be doing live shows on Shayla.com and you can also find me on Streamate.com and pos Naked.com. Still looking in to that one. Thank you so much for all of your support through the years!!!

      Take Care and keep in touch!!

    3. Whoa, Cowgirl!

      Shayla.com updates at least twice per month not once a week.
      Her parent site risque.com updates weekly. Not every update is Shayla-centric. Sometimes it’s Cytherea or Kristal Summers or some British pornstar from 247AdultStars.


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