Update Alert (03/08/12)

Going forward, I will post an alert within 48 hours of Shayla LaVeaux’s adult site ( updating its content.

For those unfamiliar with’s update format, it consists of a text story with a photo set and a video clip. Usually, at least 2 of these share relevance and the other is sort of a throw-in. For this update Uncle Gibby gave his account of the first night of Shayla’s return to exotic dancing. Note that it was an account only of her FIRST NIGHT co-featuring with Olivia Parrish at the Bouzouki Greektown in Detroit, Michigan. The events of the ensuing nights will be revealed in future updates.

As fans visiting ShaylaVision over the past 4 months are aware, Shayla LaVeaux shot two scenes last December with her old friend Jay Crew and his wife, the aforementioned Olivia Parrish. The B/G scene made up both the video and photo components of the 03/08/12 content update.

This is the very first B/G hardcore produced exclusively for!

I would love to share a couple of the raunchier shots, but WordPress won’t allow it. If you want to know just how Shayla ended up with that facial, then it is time you picked up a membership.

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