Home and Recovered!!

Well I’ve been home for a full week  from Detroit, and I think I have fully recovered. LOL!!!  Wow, what an amazing and fun time we had at Bouzouki’s in Detroit. … The staff was incredible, the girls were delightful and the club was nice and intimate but not too small!! There were several events going on (tattoo convention, hot rods and 2 hockey games).  Saturday night’s game was against the Avalanche (Denver) and Detroit lost. … Def a good time to keep your mouth shut about your hometown. They are pretty darn passionate about their teams and I wasn’t lookin’ to make any enemies. With all of the festivities, downtown was packed and so was the club.

Our shows worked out perfectly. Olivia did 3 songs, I followed with 3, and then the grand finale — 1 song together. … Yummy!!!  I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed myself so much! Getting back on the stage was amazing, having an incredible person/ partner to perform with and hang out with was the BEST! What set the tone for the whole trip was our wonderful host Dennis (general manager). THANK YOU so much!!!  (Hope you enjoy the rest of my Chunky Monkey!)   🙂

So you wouldn’t think that this trip could get any better, RIGHT? Ow it does! Uncle Gibby our long-time friend on the site and AEE trips decided to come on in to the Motor City from Wisconsin and hang out with us for a few days. Although our hours of operation weren’t synced up, we did get a chance to grab dinner one evening.

The next BIG event was a delayed arrival — Charlie came in from Maine via Philly and another place I think. …  Well Charlie was set to arrive on Fri but, was  stuck in Philly overnight,  bless his heart. … To top it off on his way home, yep you guessed it . He was stuck in St Louis overnight.  Yikes!!!  He spent more time getting there than being there, but we were so happy he made it, if only for a short time. He and UG came up to our dressing room to hang, chat, take some pics for Shayla.com and get some signed goodies from Olivia and me. Charlie brought a BIG bag of goodies t00! (I think it was for Vday, Bday and Xmas?) Some fab candy from Maine and a lobster! (Salt water taffy, dark choc drops, truffles, choc covered Maine blueberries, and yep a choc lobster!) To top it off he brought the CD (soundtrack) of Shock and DVD Blue Ray versions of The Lion King and Lady and the Tramp to help update my library! (All are on VHS.) I have gained every ounce of fat back that I had burned dancing. Sigh!!! But it was worth every delicious bite!!!!!

Last but def not least, a HUGE THANK YOU to Eno Erif!!!!  He is the go-to guy for anything Shayla! (He knows more about my career then I do!) He fine-tuned, added to, and polished my credit sheet so that it was presentable and up to date.Then he sent it out to all that would take it to promote our appearance at Bouzouki’s. Thank you E,  for all that you do. …. You are priceless!!!  Muah!!!

Live Love and Laugh


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  1. And a BIG OL’ THANXXX to you, too, Shayla!
    However, it does seem like we’re going to need another conversation regarding username etiquette.


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