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Way back in Update Alert (02/09/15), I said that the video for that update was recorded after Shayla LaVeaux and Chantelle Fox had just completed a G/G scene. Well, this new update features BTS video shot before that very same scene made on 01/20/19 in Las Vegas where the Risque crew (+ Chris King) had gathered for AEE.

This update consisted of 34 photos and 2 view-only BTS video clips.
GIRL POWER PREP (24 color pix)
GIRL POWER (4 color pix)
NOIR DE D. MINION (4 b&W pix)
“Noir Nookie 1” (3:09)
“Noir Nookie 2” (3:04)

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Latest content update at represents more G/G. The primary subject of this shoot was Chantelle, but Shayla does play a supporting (though not hardcore) role in getting Chantelle to squirt.

This update consisted of 98 color photos (14 BTS) and 3 view-only video clips.
“TUB TIME: TAKE ONE” (00:29 — BTS)
“TUB TIME: TAKE TWO” (01:46 — BTS)
“TUB TIME” (03:47)

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Remember that shoot I attended during AEE Week 2016 with Shayla LaVeaux and Jay Crew? You know, the one where Lon and I took the BTS photos? Well, the latest update at SHAYLA.COM brings you even more! Plus, the video itself, and verrry professional looking XXX pix shot by Jay Crew. Words alone can’t describe the actions I witnessed, so it’s a good thing Jay, Lon and I took a lot of pictures (for you all).

This update consisted of 1 view-only video clip with a running time of 36:29 and 157 color photos (50 BTS).

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(0_=)/ Update Alert (09/17/17)

Shayla LaVeaux last shot for GINGERLYNNAUCTIONS.COM in November of 2014. However, the foxy photo sets intended to illustrate the auction listings have a collectible value all their own. A value which is commensurate to that of a subscription to SHAYLA.COM.

This content update consisted of 123 still photos.
There was no video component.

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