Update Alert (06/23-24/18)


Well, this is another update alert which went unannounced back in 2018 due to the mishandled Twitter auto-link but has since been reformatted for the post-Adobe internet. Pretty much everything I can say about the process of shooting the content was written about two years ago, since that shoot was the continuation of this one.


“babes in BABYDOLLS: You Show Me Yours (FOCUS ON SHAYLA)” (7:54) directed/camera by Chris King
“babes in BABYDOLLS: You Show Me Yours” (7:49) directed by Chris King / camera by Maverick
“babes in BABYDOLLS: the SHOOT SPY” (8:28) directed by Chris King / camera by DMinion
“babes in BABYDOLLS: WAY BTS” (5:15) directed/camera by Maverick

Mutual Mates: 165 photos by Maverick
Minion Style: 72 photos by DMinion
Gibby Style: 28 photos by Uncle Gibby

All content is accessible through your choice of the $3/$20/$30/$60 subscription options.


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