Update Alert (03/16/12)

For this update commemorating the birthday of Michael Ninn, is making available for the first time anywhere Ninn’s specially restored HD cut of FEM ARIA (2002) Scene 1 — featuring Shayla LaVeaux and Jenna Haze. Maybe “restored” is an inaccurate assessment. What Ninn has done is to not only restore the scene to its originally intended widescreen dimensions (Shayla’s head is no longer cropped off the side of the screen as she dances, which was a problem in the original release), but he has also reprocessed the lighting contrast and color separation. This decision presents its own problems in terms of picture clarity in the black and white sequences, but it’s OK, because already had the original release SD version of the scene available for download, anyway!


Happy Birthday, Michael Ninn!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Shayla!

7 thoughts on “ Update Alert (03/16/12)”

  1. Shayla , what you said about Cosco’s corned beef was true. Thought I was going to have to cook it forever. Think I’ll go back to Boyle’s made right here in good ‘ol Kansas City. And oh, you forgot the onions!

    1. Sorry you had the same experience but, glad I’m not alone…or received a bad bit!!! Good for you, better to buy local when we can…I will def go some where else from now on!!
      Ow ya onions, yummy thanks for the reminder.
      Hope your doing GREAT and thanks for the msg!!


  2. Owww no! No thank you!!!

    Yep, corned beef, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes. … Yummy! One of my all time fave meals, especially since I don’t get it very often!!! I don’t think I’ll get another corned beef at Costco though … was a bit tough, but still good!!


    1. Usually, one of my faves as well, although I kind of prefer the straight up roast.

      Our corned beef was also from Costco. Don’t know if it was overcooked or what, but it was impossible to carve. It fell apart into shreds instead of getting sliced.


    2. I like it shredded. I know you’re supposed to cut it against the grain. Well it sounds like yours was a bit more tender then ours. Def going to get it somewhere else next year. Actually I might see if they have any left at grocery and get one and freeze it for later. I see Reubens in my future. Yummmy!!! Glad you enjoyed a bit o’ Irish goodness!!!

  3. Happy St. Patrick’s Day and a very Happy Birthday to Mr. Ninn!!!!

    Well E, you did such an amazing job with this, I felt whatever I was going to say would pale in comparison. … So I’ll just respond to your GREAT post!!!

    Thank you!!!

    1. Why, thank you, Shayla!

      The SPD pic I made has undergone a slight improvement since you first looked at it. I went back and greened in a few gaps I missed.

      I don’t suppose you had corned beef and cabbage?
      Mm-mm. There’s nothing quite like that warm briny aroma.


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