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Shayla LaVeaux shooting schedule: Winter 2016


01/21 – SHAYLA.COM (a) with Sexy Vanessa G/G (b) with Jay Crew B/G

For AEE Week 2016, Shayla LaVeaux had content trade shoots arranged with five veteran adult performers. Unfortunately, three of them flaked. That being the case, there was only shooting on Thursday, January 21. D.Minion was not attending the convention this year, so I was tasked with taking BTS still photos in her stead. Continue reading Shayla LaVeaux shooting schedule: Winter 2016

Las Vegas 2016

Bally's Upside Down, for Some Reason
The view from the top.

I hope everyone’s 2016 is off to a great start!!?

This was my 5th AVN in a row, that I decided to just go out to LV wander around, shoot videos and just enjoy the show instead of signing at a booth; You see it differently and enjoy other aspects of it.  I grabbed lunch with old friends , be bopped around and just had fun; Things have really changed in the past 20yrs!! We can discuss that later. Continue reading Las Vegas 2016