Shayla LaVeaux shooting schedule: Winter 2016


01/21 – SHAYLA.COM (a) with Sexy Vanessa G/G (b) with Jay Crew B/G

For AEE Week 2016, Shayla LaVeaux had content trade shoots arranged with five veteran adult performers. Unfortunately, three of them flaked. That being the case, there was only shooting on Thursday, January 21. D.Minion was not attending the convention this year, so I was tasked with taking BTS still photos in her stead. So, when Sexy Vanessa and her personal videographer, arrived at Shayla’s suite that afternoon, I was taken aback when they started the photo-session while Lon was still in the process of showing me how to operate the BTS camera. I did end up taking hundreds of shots for SHAYLA.COM, but it turns out, you can’t take pix with a camera phone that’s turned off, not to mention in a different room. Thus, I have no BTS pix from the making of that scene to share here. You’ll have to take my word for it that that the action involved lingerie, tongues, fingers, and ram-headed double-dildos. After bidding farewell to the Argentine Spitfire, it was off to meet Jay Crew for a B/G shoot. But, not before taking some time for a quick dinner at the Taipei-themed YONG KANG STREET Dumpling & Noodle House. IMG_1485 The collage aspect of the wall art is reminiscent of Taiwanese cuisine, itself. Some European influence, some US influence, a lot of Japanese influence but undeniably Chinese at the core. Incredibly, that was the first time Shayla had ever eaten at a dim sum restaurant with waiters pushing carts stacked with the little wicker baskets of food.

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