Jethro Tull

If anyone knows me they know that I love concerts. Live music; small or large venues — I’m in!! My taste in music also tends to be fairly broad, from classical, country, rock n roll, regae, and Jazz. Of course some of my favorites come from the 60’s and 70’s. (Yes, those are in the 1900s … I know.) I grew up to Neil Diamond spinning on the record player, and I have seen more of his concerts live than I can remember.

Actually I think my very first live event had to be Sonny and Cher — when I was only five years old. Motley Crüe (Theater of Pain) would have been my first “adult” concert, followed by Bruce Springsteen at Mile High Stadium. (Anyone remember that place?) Then there was Jethro Tull at Red Rocks!!! I remember it being an unforgettable experience at the time, but honestly I think that I appreciate more now then I did then. … Ahhh, the ignorance of youth.

The owner of a club where I worked knew the band, and for this particular concert they wanted a girl to serve them drinks on stage. Lucky for me the owner loved me and asked if I was interested. … “Ummm … YES!!”

I had a simple job:

  1. Go out on stage in white panties and a white tank top.
  2. Pull a drink tray out of the little refrigerator.
  3. Walk around and serve the band drinks.

But Gawd was I nervous!!

It was 1988, and this wonderful time broke my Red Rock Cherry, so to speak. At least for this one I was 18 years old! (Enough on that for now.) That should also explain the hair. A girlfriend in the audience took all of these amazing pictures. I still can’t believe my luck. The band was A-Mazing too! They signed a program for me and then later mailed me 20 years of Jethro Tull CD box set and programs … all signed. As I have gotten older and look back on this, I am still blown away at that an incredible opportunity.

Now that I’m back in Colorado, I see at least one concert a year at RR. … I still consider it truly the best all-natural, outdoor, amphitheater in the US — possibly the world. (For the record, I would be willing to travel around just to test that theory, y’know because I like science and all.) Lucky for me, Red Rocks sits right in my back yard!!

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