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Shayla.com Update Alert (10/01/16)


The newest SHAYLA.COM content update may not be wholly unfamiliar to fans of Shayla LaVeaux by now, since I wrote about my being present at the making of it in Shayla LaVeaux Shooting Schedule: Winter 2016. Not coincidentally, I also composed the text story accompanying the BTS photo set included in the update; an expanded and more graphic retelling of those events than what was posted here in February. No plot, Shayla and Sexy Vanessa didn’t play characters, but they do play with each other and a double-headed dildo, extensively (if not explosively). Should one desire a hard copy of this carnal cougar team-up, it was recently released on DVD as Scene 6 of BRA BUSTING LESBIANS #4.

This content update consisted of 1 view-only video clip with a running time of 24:17 and two sets of related photo stills. One set of 53 pix titled “A Long Time Coming” contain photos taken by Vanessa’s videographer, Sean, for PORNSTARPLATINUM.COM. The other set of 131 BTS pix were shot by me and are exclusive to SHAYLA.COM.

All content is accessible through your choice of the new $3/$20/$30/$60 subscription options.



Life is Good!

I’m really excited. One  of my all time favorite shoots from this years AEE, has just been added to Shayla.com.  I’ve shot with  many photographers in my career, and the energy they bring behind the camera, reflects in their models. Sure you can have the best equipment, but I feel a very important aspect comes from making the model feel comfortable, beautiful, and sexy. Chris King would be one of those exceptional photographers. He’s wild, crazy, and a ton of fun. … I think you will be able to see that in this week’s update in the shayla.com members’ area.

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