The background:  I have known Jay and Michelle for 10 yrs. now. …We met at an Adam and Eve party in LV during the 2001 CES show.  He owns a store called Pure Fantasy in Delaware and wanted to bring me in for a signing and dance booking.  From there a wonderful friendship began.  Like all friendships we have been through a lot together; they have seen me at my worst and my best … and have always loved me and supported me, as I have them!!!

A great time was had by all. Thursday’s fundraiser went well; we had tons of wonderful donations from various people for the raffle. A good meal of corned beef and cabbage, with various desserts and plenty of donated alcohol.  I think the bartenders ended up drinking more then the patrons. …Imagine that!!  I had a wonderful surprise at the end of the evening — Charlie (a member of my website and on the road fan friend) arrived from Maine … bearing wonderful goodies, including 2 live lobsters. What a GREAT gift!!!

Some friends came over on Friday to help with prep work and cleaning for the Big house party on Sat.   Our reward at the end of the day was a lobster roast with all the fixen’s. …Yummo!!!

Saturday went off with a bang.  It was one of the best parties they’ve ever had.   Michelle and I made sure that everyone was properly greeted and beaded. It was a St. Pattie’s Day meets Mardi Gras party.  Most of the girls were scantily clad — wearing outfits from lingerie to costumes.  There were pole dancers to lap dances. I did a show that involved wax and pearls.    The drinks were flowing – tops were popping and the music was bumpin’.    The night came to an end with the regulars doing a final toast. …GREAT job Jay and Michelle…. We love you!!!!  😛

Live Love and Laugh!!

Lemonade Anyone??


Sorry I’ve been lagging on the Blog. …  Just been plugging away on various things … that are quite boring for a blog.

My Aunt had her 3rd back surgery 2 weeks ago and she is staying with me, so I’ve been pretty busy with that … doctor appts. … emergency room visits, etc.    To top it off,  my mom had a horrible bout of food poisoning last week. Right now my working title is Nurse Jackie or Nurse Betty.

Friday  fun day, my cousins and I had been planning a ski trip for over a month.  The weather wasn’t looking great,  but we decided to risk it.  The weather was beautiful in Denver, but once we got up to Loveland pass it was horrible!!!  A traffic jam – 6 accidents, the tunnel was closed, and there were 30 – 40 mph winds on the mtn.   Darn!!!!  We rescheduled for April;  hopefully there’s still some good powder!

Went to court today for my accident,  my lawyer got it reduced to 2 pts, defective vehicle and a $225 fine.  Whew!!!  Glad that’s over!!!!

I’ll be back on Thursday and Friday possibly  Sat.   Stop by and say HI!!!  If  you’re not a member, please go to and sign up.  It  helps me out  a lot if you register through that link.   I also have Skype,  so if you would prefer not to go through Streamate,  we could set something up directly.

Next Tuesday I’m off to Delaware,  to my home away from home.  I usually go out there every few months to visit my dearest friends.  This time around I will be hosting a fundraiser on St Patty’s Day for Pitbulls and Cystic Fibrosis.  My girlfriend’s Godson has Cystic Fibrosis, and she is a strong advocate for Pitbulls.  She has 6 rescues and they are the most amazing animals!!!!   Saturday  is the annual house party. ….  Dancers – open minded couples – a fully stocked bar and tons of food. It doesn’t get any better then that!!!!!  Monday is my girl’s 40th B-day and her husband ordered 2 huge lobsters! YUMMMOOO!!!  I will be sure to take some pics to share with all of  you!!!

Take care and have a good safe weekend!!!!


Snow Sucks!!!

Hi all,

Sorry for the odd blogs lately, but that’s how it goes sometimes. … Weird things happen in life and in my mind.  Hey at least I admit it. 🙄

Well it’s been a heck of a couple of days. … First off I’m okay, but my car (Lu Lu) isn’t.   🙁  I was coming home from my girlfriend’s house last night after doing a live show. I was on the highway, going under the speed limit due to weather conditions.  I was changing lanes and my wheel caught ice – slush  and shot me into the guardrail on driver’s side.  I boomeranged  sideways,  across the highway.  One car missed me;  another caught my passenger side slowing me down some … blowing out my side window.  I hit the  guardrail on the other side of the highway, finally coming to a stop — perfectly —  on the side of the road going the right direction. Whew!!

Wouldn’t ya know it, there was a cop parked on the frontage road (napping) right where I stopped. I had to honk and flag him down to get his attention. I can’t believe he didn’t hear the chaos.   My car is totaled. There isn’t one salvageable piece, except maybe my new tires and the seats. 😥  I loved that car, but she protected me and kept me safe. …  Everyone is okay and that’s all that matters!!!!!!  Next up, I’m going to court to fight the ticket, and then I’ll look for a new car.  Sigh!!!!


letting a mind run to waist, so to speak