Lemonade Anyone??


Sorry I’ve been lagging on the Blog. …  Just been plugging away on various things … that are quite boring for a blog.

My Aunt had her 3rd back surgery 2 weeks ago and she is staying with me, so I’ve been pretty busy with that … doctor appts. … emergency room visits, etc.    To top it off,  my mom had a horrible bout of food poisoning last week. Right now my working title is Nurse Jackie or Nurse Betty.

Friday  fun day, my cousins and I had been planning a ski trip for over a month.  The weather wasn’t looking great,  but we decided to risk it.  The weather was beautiful in Denver, but once we got up to Loveland pass it was horrible!!!  A traffic jam – 6 accidents, the tunnel was closed, and there were 30 – 40 mph winds on the mtn.   Darn!!!!  We rescheduled for April;  hopefully there’s still some good powder!

Went to court today for my accident,  my lawyer got it reduced to 2 pts, defective vehicle and a $225 fine.  Whew!!!  Glad that’s over!!!!

I’ll be back on Streamate.com Thursday and Friday possibly  Sat.   Stop by and say HI!!!  If  you’re not a member, please go to  http://shaylalaveaux.cammodels.com/ and sign up.  It  helps me out  a lot if you register through that link.   I also have Skype,  so if you would prefer not to go through Streamate,  we could set something up directly.

Next Tuesday I’m off to Delaware,  to my home away from home.  I usually go out there every few months to visit my dearest friends.  This time around I will be hosting a fundraiser on St Patty’s Day for Pitbulls and Cystic Fibrosis.  My girlfriend’s Godson has Cystic Fibrosis, and she is a strong advocate for Pitbulls.  She has 6 rescues and they are the most amazing animals!!!!   Saturday  is the annual house party. ….  Dancers – open minded couples – a fully stocked bar and tons of food. It doesn’t get any better then that!!!!!  Monday is my girl’s 40th B-day and her husband ordered 2 huge lobsters! YUMMMOOO!!!  I will be sure to take some pics to share with all of  you!!!

Take care and have a good safe weekend!!!!


11 thoughts on “Lemonade Anyone??”

  1. Hi Shayla!!!!

    Hope your Ma is well,….

    You may not remember me, George in Columbus, you were nice enough to let me be in Purple Passion with you!!! (I gave you a stuffed doggie…) Oh my gosh, so much fun! And when the subject comes up with my friends, as it does every now and then, the most repeated thing I say is “She’s just sooooo nice!!”

    You ARE wonderful, and thanks for a highlight in my life!

    1. Hi George!!!!
      Of course I remember you. …We did a scene in the foyer of the club and my dog Angel had passed away that morning. You brought me a mini Angel … which I still have. Sooooo good to hear from you!!! How have you been?
      I’m glad you had a good time. You definitely left a lasting impression on me also!!! I really enjoyed doing that series and meeting people like you!!!

  2. Funny thing – I got my subscription as a sort of birthday present…. but it was Shayla’s birthday. 🙂 I didn’t wrap it up very well, but I never did have great skills involving wrapping paper, and it’s what’s inside that counts, right? And what’s inside…. rowr. 😉

  3. Hey Number 1 Fan!

    We keep nudity out of the free areas on purpose. You never know who may be cruising the web! They can see the “good stuff” after they are 18 and have a valid credit card!

    Glad you like the photos on the free side! Shayla gave us literally bags of discs to choose from, and we liked these PG pics the best!

    Which are your favorites? We’ll try to move them up higher in the queue! Shayla loves her fans and wants them to be happy! We do, too!

    DMinion 🙂

  4. Dear Shayla, Sorry to hear about your car accident – Glad you were NOT hurt ! Don’t know why you had to pay $225 if it was an accident ? Today is my Birthday . . . so I gave myself a subscription to your new Website. Love Ya – You’re my Fantasy Mistress! I look forward to viewing your Sexy pictures and video clips on your new Website. Love, Your Number 1 Fan !

    1. Dear #1 Fan,
      A VERY Happy Birthday to you!!!! Thank you so much for signing up! If there is anything that you would like to see — or any feedback you have — please feel free to let me know. …I want you to be happy and satisfied!!!!
      Unfortunately I had no say in it. I guess I had to pay for their time … with some extra thrown in for the city of WR. Sooooo glad it’s over!!!!

      Love and Juices,

    2. Dear Shayla,
      I haven’t had time to browse around your Website much yet, . . . but let me say that I REALLY LIKED the pictures that you displayed on the Main Screen – Free Page (and I applaud you for NOT displaying Nude pictures on this Screen like other sites do). However, I would like to see the rest of the Images of you in some of these photoshoots, . . . but I don’t see any reference to them in the “Members Area”.
      Since I already have over 50 of your Videos (VHS Tapes from the late 1990s and DVDs in the past several years) I’m primarily interested in seeing good quality Portrait Pictures of you on your website – dressed in Elegant Gowns / Dresses, or in various stages of undressing, and obviously Topless and Nude ! ! !
      I’ll be searching your website periodically for these high-quality Images of YOU – my “Fantasy Mistress” !
      Love Ya . . . Your Number 1 Fan
      (I regret that I missed seeing You in person at Gallaghers in NYC on my Birthday – March 14, 2003 – I found out you were dancing there two days later ! Bummer ! ! ! ).

  5. LOL!!!! Thanks for being involved; you are very entertaining!!!
    Sorry to hear you are having similar trials and tribulations. … :(((((

    When’s your B-day? If I could I would take ya!!!!

    Back at ya. Good luck to you, your family and friends!!!

    Thanks EE!!!!!!!!!

    1. Shayla,

      My birthday is next Saturday.

      Say, could you do this thing for me:





  6. Well, Shayla, here’s another fine blog you’ve gotten me into!

    Your house is starting to sound like my house, except that I don’t have any wild swing parties to look forward to next week — and that’s when MY birthday is! (>_<)

    Best of luck to you, your family, and your friends…(0_=)/

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