Snow Sucks!!!

Hi all,

Sorry for the odd blogs lately, but that’s how it goes sometimes. … Weird things happen in life and in my mind.  Hey at least I admit it. 🙄

Well it’s been a heck of a couple of days. … First off I’m okay, but my car (Lu Lu) isn’t.   🙁  I was coming home from my girlfriend’s house last night after doing a live show. I was on the highway, going under the speed limit due to weather conditions.  I was changing lanes and my wheel caught ice – slush  and shot me into the guardrail on driver’s side.  I boomeranged  sideways,  across the highway.  One car missed me;  another caught my passenger side slowing me down some … blowing out my side window.  I hit the  guardrail on the other side of the highway, finally coming to a stop — perfectly —  on the side of the road going the right direction. Whew!!

Wouldn’t ya know it, there was a cop parked on the frontage road (napping) right where I stopped. I had to honk and flag him down to get his attention. I can’t believe he didn’t hear the chaos.   My car is totaled. There isn’t one salvageable piece, except maybe my new tires and the seats. 😥  I loved that car, but she protected me and kept me safe. …  Everyone is okay and that’s all that matters!!!!!!  Next up, I’m going to court to fight the ticket, and then I’ll look for a new car.  Sigh!!!!


7 thoughts on “Snow Sucks!!!”

  1. Sounds like it was a slippery devil out there…. Sorry I had to say it!! ;)) A lonely highway is a pretty scary place for something like that to happen. Thank goodness it wasn’t too serious, just scary!!! Thanks for stopping by last night. Sorry I abruptly logged off for a bit. My dog was scratching on the door informing me that it was dinner time…. It’s his world, I just live in it!! Muah!!!

    1. Somehow, I saw that coming… and am not in the least offended! Pretty slick! Or… 😉 Glad to see you, deah, and no worries – nature’s call trumps my call any time. I mean, we ARE talking dinner here… Lol!
      Plenty of time to come, I hope… *sorta polite smooch*

  2. Reminds me a bit of a time when I was on a long stretch of lonely highway and I “found” a rogue patch of black ice… Thankfully no one else was near so the car survived, but I skidded out, bounced off one guardrail and another (right before they ran out!) and also wound up perfectly placed in the wrong lane after a spinning 540! I remember how I felt during that… thank goodness nobody got seriously hurt, Shayla.

    1. I really am!!!! It happened in Wheatridge on I-70 heading west (close to home). My car was a Nissan Pathfinder. I know she’s totaled. Now I’m just waiting for the final word on what she was worth. Thanks for the msg!!! Take care and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!!! xxoo

  3. Shayla,

    That is terrible news. Good to hear you are OK, sounds like you were very lucky to walk away from that!


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