Sometimes (not very often) I’m a person of very few words,  especially when it comes to writing.  One of my strengths has always been interacting with people. … Face to face, at conventions – dancing – signings – shoots etc. … I like to see the person I’m communicating with, and to have a physical connection. … No, I’m not just talking sexually. (Although that is very NICE!!)  I like eye contact. I want to see your expressions and feel your energy.   Okay, so it is sounding sexual, I can’t help it. … It comes naturally!!!  Now that my site is up and running I have posts, blogs and stories to write. I have to get used to interacting with people through this technology.  Patience and perseverance!!!!!  Something I am excited about and that is right up my alley are live shows! Woohoo!!!  That way we can all be satisfied!!!!! 😆      I’m off to the grocery store. Then I’ll walk the dog, work out, and head over to my girlfriend’s house to get my camera set up for live shows and to practice spray tanning.   Until next time. … Enjoy the journey!!!!

Love and peace!!!!!

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  1. Hi Shayla, Alas I have some issues with streamate in that am unable to sign-up for it & even though love watching you on there when not in shows..am unable to chat with you 🙁 hence the enquiry about a private/personal webcam show? Also wanted to ask you about personal/private appearances in person? as am planning a 2-3 holiday over to the US in late sept-oct this year if you want to contact me outside of here then my email is as follows – andrew.leason at btopenworld dot com hope to hear back from you soon Andrew xoxoxo (sorry if this post appears about 3/4 times..I tried posting but nothing seemed to be getting posted 🙁 )

  2. Hi Shayla, name is Andrew am 35 from England, UK (live about 1hr west of London) so glad to see you finally have a site 🙂 – not sure if should really put what I want to ask on here & hence would like to ask you something in private but not sure if you have an email address to contact you at? – would so love to do a private cam show with you if that was possible

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Thanks honey. … It’s been a long time coming!!!! I will have an e-mail link on my website soon for ?, comments and feedback, but this works for now. Or you can leave ? on the Message Board on my site (www.shayla.com). You can send private messages to me on the Message Board on Shayla.com too! I would love to do a private show for you. I will be offering that on my website very soon as well as regular group cam shows for members of Shayla.com. I just started up on streamate.com and they do offer exclusive chats if you would like to try that for now. Take care, and hope to do a cam show for you soon!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! xxoo

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