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We don't spend ALL our time here. Swear.

I always forget how much the AEE kicks my ass. Late nights –  tons of fun and mass amounts of people will do that to ya.   I can’t believe it’s been over a week since the convention!!  Usually it takes me a couple of days of peace and quiet to get back on track, but this trip I brought home a bug that had me down and out all week.  🙁

There was so much that happened over those 4 days for me one of the highlights was….

An unexpected guest — Cheyenne Silver!!!!!  It was so nice catching up and getting to know her better! We had a blast!!! The other beautiful accessory to our suite, was Ms. Cytherea!  Dang that girl is a bundle of energy!!!!  I had the pleasure of shooting  (camera), an amazing G/G scene with these 2 hot ladies. Not sure how good the camera work was. … I had a lot of distractions!!!!    😉  The scene will be up soon, on, and plenty of pics of our time in Vegas can be seen on Risque, too. 

The trip was a whirlwind of dinners – interviews – fans and fun!!!!!

I’m off to walk the dog, hit the gym, and get some work done!!!



6 thoughts on “Recovered!!!”

  1. Good to hear from you!!! Wow you know your stuff. I had a hard time remembering my last A. I’d say it’s been too long!! I will definitely be doing one or more for my website in the near future!!! So check back. Have a great weekend!!!


  2. Hi shayla, thanks so much for the update about your time at AEE, I’m glad you had such a great time! IF I could ask, is there a chance you may do an “A” scene in 2011, for your website or for another company? I think the last one you did was for “The training of O” in 2006, either way have a great day and rest of the year!

  3. I’m pretty sure the next project she produces will be called “Toad in the Hole” … Sounds like a winner to me. … She also now knows what a “Spotted Dick” is, but that doesn’t sound like nearly as good of a title.



    1. So nice to meet you too Mav!!!! Really enjoyed hangin’ with ya. … Look forward to seeing you again soon!!!!! Yahooo for “toad in the hole”!!!!

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