Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year!
Have A Sexy 2011!

For me, the New Year means reflecting on the past year – setting goals – letting go and moving on. … A fresh start, so to speak.   Sometimes easier said then done, but I have the best intentions!!

Tomorrow I head to LV for the AEE (CES). I am really looking forward to it!!! This will be the 1st year that I will be attending, without having any commitments or schedule.  Yahoo!!!!   I will be promoting Shayla.com – shooting new content – taking in all of the eye candy,  and whatever else I want to do.

Before we disembarked on this adventure, we put up a new set of pics and video on Shayla.com….This one has the amazing Nici Sterling, Wilde Oscar and Alicia (a newbie).  This scene has all of my favorite components for a scene — hot women and a real dick!!!!   😀   I believe this was my 1st scene with Nici. She is someone I have loved ever since she came into the biz. … Gorgeous, smart and soooo sexy.  Wilde Oscar is a great guy all around, and Nici’s other half, which in my opinion always makes for a great scene … as long as everyone is comfortable. (They were!!!)  And the beautiful Alicia — she was new, hot and eager!!!  There are plenty more hot scenes where that came from!!!!   Stop by and check  out Shayla.com.

Live Love Laugh,



7 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!!!”

  1. We’ll definitely be wandering about, but if you see some old dude sitting at a table reading a book, that will likely be me. Feel free to come up and say hello. Odds are pretty good I’ll know where we can catch up with Shayla. -Lucky

  2. Shayla,

    I fly out Friday morning and plan to head right over to the AEE/AVN Expo. I’m a huge fan (loved all your Jim Holliday movies) and will be looking for you. Wish you were signing at a booth to make it easy for me to find you but I’ll be on the “Shayla watch”.


    1. Have you recovered from LV? I always forget how crazy it is…had a great time though!!! How about you?

    2. I had a great time, seeing old friends and meeting some new ones.

      I did see you walking around the Expo on Friday. You were with a guy (maybe your husband?), dressed very casual so you really fit in with the rest of the crowd and looked as beautiful in person as you do on film!

    3. She does indeed. … Sorry we missed you, but there’s always next year. I don’t know which of us happened to be wandering with Shayla when you spotted her, but she’s single (currently) so it wasn’t her husband for sure. That said, I don’t think any of us would turn her down should she ask us to marry her.



    4. Awww….Thank you!!!! I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you. 🙁 But there is always next year!!! Take Care and stay warm, it looks like you guys are getting hammered with snow.


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