Happy Holidays!!!!

Hi!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Xmas!!  Mine was perfect! Full of family and fun.   No snow though. 🙁

It has been quite an eventful December. … My youngest sister had a baby on the 6th and one of my other sisters had her 2nd little one this morning! That makes 5 nieces and nephews! OW MY!!!!!  All except 2 have birthdays in Dec. One is Jan. 1st. (Close enough!)  EEEgad!!!!  I am going to be one broke  Aunt during the holiday season.

To top it all off, my website (shayla.com) was launched on my B-day Dec 27th. … What a GREAT month!!!!!  Come in and check it out.  Like everything in life it’s a work in progress.

A BIG THANK YOU!!!!  to the folks at Risque. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have a site.

Have a good – safe New Year’s Eve!!!!




Summer Fun and then Some

Boy have things been busy around here….  I’ve been home for awhile so I’ve been keeping busy with a lot of non-porn stuff…..  I’m taking care of my nephew and doing a lot of 12 yr old boy stuff – bike rides – swimming – time spent at the lake and in rivers looking for anything that moves, such as frogs, garter snakes, etc.

Last week I was in the mtns at my Aunt’s house helping her with some outdoor duties.  Winter hits there much sooner than the lower elevations, so there’s always pre-winter projects to take care of.    It is the ultimate get- away. No phones or computers … which is nice, but there is always a lot to catch up on when I get home.

This week we are heading to Water World  (slides, wave pools, etc.), and then white water rafting on Sat.  I’ll try to take some pics. I am so used to being in front of the camera I have been lagging on my pics 2 post…. I’ll work on that!!!!

Well there it is, the normal ever day life of this Adult Star. Living the mile high life and enjoying every minute of it!!!! 😎

Until next time….Live Love Laugh!!!!!

Time Flies

My trip to Cali was fun and eventful…. I have worked out some details  for my website. There’s a lot more involved then I had ever imagined. Whew!!!  It is coming together slowly but surely.

The shoot was amazing!!!!! There were some last min changes; instead of a g/g they put me in a b/g/g…. My Favorite!!!  I had the pleasure of working with Sunny Lane. She is such a cutie and delicious at the same time! We had a blast!  Nick Manning was  our yummy stud. I have worked with him on several occasions…. He is definitely one of my all time favorites!!!  It was a very hot and orgasmic scene to say the least.  The day couldn’t have been better, with Erica McLean in the director’s chair and some friendly old faces that I hadn’t seen forever.  It was a good day at the office…. I walked away with a big smile on my face!!!!   😛    I’m not sure when the movie will be released, but keep a look out for for The Flying Pink Pig,  starring Sunny Lane…. You won’t be disappointed.

Live Love and Laugh

California or Bust …

Sorry it’s been awhile!!!!!

Last week I was in Southern Cali  for family festivities. (Refer to last blog.) I had a great time!!!!  Found out I’m going to be an Aunt again — the youngest sis is due in December…..  My other sister is due in January! Glad it’s them!!!!  I’m happy to be an Aunt — spoil them and send ’em home… Perfect!!!!

In San Fran now doing an appearance with Raquel Devine…. Love her!!!!!  Friday I head to Santa Maria to finalize some website ideas … and drop off some more content for them to sort through…. I can’t believe how much stuff I have accumulated through the years.  I can’t wait for it all to be up for everyone to see!!!!  For me it’s a journey down memory lane…. Boy how time flies!!!!  Of course there will be new stuff too!!  😉

Sunday I’m driving down to LA for a movie shoot….. I am sooooo excited! The director is Erica McLean, an old friend I haven’t seen in forever. Yippie!!!!   I will be doing a g/g with the beautiful Emy Reyes…. Yummie!!!!   The shoot takes place on a ranch, so I will be taking advantage of the great location and shooting some intros and content for my site/blog….. It should be a very fulfilling day!!!!



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