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New Shayla LaVeaux Interview


While at the BRAZZERS studio in Las Vegas earlier this month, Shayla LaVeaux sat for a brief (3:51) Q & A with Bucky Beall for PEEPERZ.COM. The question I showed in the above sample resulted, partly, in this answer:

“…Talent can be their own publicists. You don’t have to count on having a contract and having a company market you…that with the internet and twitter and everything like that…you’re able to…uh, kind of be your own, um, publicity agent.”

If words alone aren’t enough to convince you to go the PEEPERZ site to check it out; I promise you that if you can stay all the way through it — there will be boobz.

Shayla LaVeaux scene release update April 2012

Two of the scenes in which Shayla Laveaux performed while in Las Vegas last month have already been released by two different sites owned by Taylor St. Clair within the CLIPS4SALE.COM network.

The breast expansion (BE) video runs 14 minutes and is selling for $14.
This scene contains neither sex nor nudity. Collect at your own risk.

The female domination video, which is a fully hardcore B/G scene runs 27 minutes and sells for $15 at FemDomDesire, but is $15.99 if downloaded from the CLIPS4SALE board. This particular scene, however, was also a content-share project with Shayla.Com and should be available for download to her subscribers as part of their standard $19.95/month membership relatively soon.

Should you proceed to those sites, you’ll find preview clips and piXXX there.

Shayla LaVeaux shooting schedule: April 2012

04/03  TaylorMadeClips.com


FemdomDesire.com with John (Fan Sexxx alumnus)

04/04  Brazzers.com with Tommy Gunn

04/05  Brazzers.com with Prince Yahshua

Shayla LaVeaux is in Las Vegas this week shooting for a couple of the companies there. The three Tuesday shoots were content sharing for the same fetish producer, Taylor St. Clair. Not the type of content I was enthused about Shayla shooting; however, aside from the usual non-sex fetish scenarios (breast expansion / smelly feet — cough) Taylor produced a full hardcore femdom scene as a favor to Shayla which will eventually (early summer, perhaps) be available for membership download at Shayla.com. The femdom scene was a reunion of sorts, pairing Shayla with “John”, whom she and Chasey Lain had tag-teamed way back in Fan Sexxx: Pure Gold Pussy_Scene 1 (2004).

Wednesday’s shoot for Brazzers featured her third encounter with Tommy Gunn. Didn’t know there was a second encounter after True Porn Fiction (2005)? Well, then you have to get yourself that $19.95/month subscription to Shayla.com and learn all about Shayla’s role in Miko Lee’s abandoned vampire epic: Forbitten. Getting back to the scenario at hand, Shayla owns a men’s clothing store and Tommy is a guy who comes in for a suit. Shayla determines to take his full measure.

Thursday’s shoot for Brazzers was a coupling with that brother with the bionic johnson, Prince Yahshua. There is some significance to this shoot merely in the fact that it was Shayla’s first B/G scene with a new partner since Craving Cougars (2010). In this scene Shayla is a lady out for a run, whereas Prince is out trolling for ladies. Approaching her as a yoga teacher, he succeeds in luring her back to his place for instruction in advanced positions.

When these scenes are going to be released by Brazzers is dependent upon which individual “site” (division) within their network was assigned production of the scene. It might be in as little as a month, it might be significantly longer. We will keep you apprised.

These are only logos and not actual banners.
Don’t bother trying to open them.

Shayla.com Update Alert (03/30/12)

In the 03/16 update for www.shayla.com Michael Ninn re-debuted (which is not actually a word, so — APRIL FOOL!) his HD restoration of Scene 1 from FEM ARIA (2002). Well, it was really only the first two-thirds of the scene that were included in the update. The first segment was the solo sequence featuring Shayla LaVeaux; the second segment was similar but spotlighting Jenna Haze. Now, the restored Scene 1 is finally completed with the inclusion of the G/G component.

Better? Worse?
In his most recent feature release, THE FOUR (2011), Ninn’s photography was influenced by the chiaroscuro techniques of Baroque painting. He has not freed himself of that influence yet, because he tries doing that here with images taken a decade ago. His intent is to make it seem as if the light is being generated from within Shayla’s body and radiating outward. Ninn’s results are mixed, but the flawless beauty of the main ingredient cannot be disputed.