Update Alert (03/30/12)

In the 03/16 update for Michael Ninn re-debuted (which is not actually a word, so — APRIL FOOL!) his HD restoration of Scene 1 from FEM ARIA (2002). Well, it was really only the first two-thirds of the scene that were included in the update. The first segment was the solo sequence featuring Shayla LaVeaux; the second segment was similar but spotlighting Jenna Haze. Now, the restored Scene 1 is finally completed with the inclusion of the G/G component.

Better? Worse?
In his most recent feature release, THE FOUR (2011), Ninn’s photography was influenced by the chiaroscuro techniques of Baroque painting. He has not freed himself of that influence yet, because he tries doing that here with images taken a decade ago. His intent is to make it seem as if the light is being generated from within Shayla’s body and radiating outward. Ninn’s results are mixed, but the flawless beauty of the main ingredient cannot be disputed.


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