Update Alert (03/24/12)

For this update Uncle Gibby gave his account of the second night of Shayla LaVeaux’s return to exotic dancing. More accurately, it was an account of how Uncle Gibby spent his day in Detroit until it was time for Shayla and Olivia Parrish to resume their second evening as the feature entertainment at the Bouzouki Greektown. Unfortunately, there are no pictures available of this event nor of the historic first night, because Shayla had neglected to hand her camera over for Uncle Gibby to use (his experience in photography was primarily the reason I sent him to Detroit, but — whatever)! Anyway, the pictures of Shayla’s third and final night of feature dancing in Detroit are scheduled for’s 04/18/12 update. So be there then, if you’re not therein already!

No video clip this time, but a very special photo-set:


It was  only a 35-pic teaser, really. The bulk of the photos commemorating that event are coming in a future update, with, one would expect, a detailed reminiscence by Shayla.


2 thoughts on “ Update Alert (03/24/12)”

  1. Unfortunately, most clubs don’t let you take pics in the club where the patrons can be photographed. That’s pretty much standard operation. So our pic opportunities were very limited. Thankfully they allowed UG up to the dressing room on the last night! That, too, can be a no no!! The shots we have are great and give you a flavor of what goes on behind the scenes. Besides, there is so much more inside! So come on in and play!!


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