New Shayla LaVeaux Interview


While at the BRAZZERS studio in Las Vegas earlier this month, Shayla LaVeaux sat for a brief (3:51) Q & A with Bucky Beall for PEEPERZ.COM. The question I showed in the above sample resulted, partly, in this answer:

“…Talent can be their own publicists. You don’t have to count on having a contract and having a company market you…that with the internet and twitter and everything like that…you’re able to…uh, kind of be your own, um, publicity agent.”

If words alone aren’t enough to convince you to go the PEEPERZ site to check it out; I promise you that if you can stay all the way through it — there will be boobz.

3 thoughts on “New Shayla LaVeaux Interview”

  1. Shayla LaVeaux has had a twitter account for a couple of years now, but she has yet to send a single tweet. Thus, I had to LOL. Until she is ready to start tweeting, she would prefer not to have followers.

  2. Very nice interview 😉 Shayla is classy and informative as always, I also think that is a very good point about the power of the internet for publicizing one’s self through things like a personal website or twitter. Speaking of twitter, I was wondering if Shayla has a twitter address that her fans could follow? Thanks!

    1. Hi 4theheart, Thank you so much for the kind compliment, I really appreciate it!!
      Eno is right I have had a twitter for quite some time now and yes I need to take my own advice and get my butt on there!! :))
      I will do a BIG blog post when I do and how you can reach me.


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