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This was a more complex update about Shayla LaVeaux than what I had gotten used to posting about. Mainly, due to how I haven’t had to make one in over a year thanks to a dysfunctional auto-tweet that was finally disabled… last year. However, I digress.

Returning to the task at “hand” requires uncorking the nostalgia bottle to pour out a triple shot of the Naughty Nineties. Material from three out of print features directed by Paul Norman, Nick Orleans, and Anthony, respectively. Sadly, only one provides a video clip, but the photo sets cone from the other two. You might recognize quite a few faces/figures as people who are still active (to varying degrees) in adult entertainment: Niña Hartley, Kylie Ireland, Ramon Nomar, Mark Davis, and Amber Michaels. 90’s Nostalgia — goes down like Stroh’s beer, but with the refreshing aftertaste of ZIMA.

This update consisted of 42 color photos and 1 view-only video clip.
BARCELONA BEAUTIES (22 h/c pix) from Nina, Shayna, and Kylie’s Barcelona Home Video (1997)
PINK TALES (22 h/c pix) from Tales From The Pink (1999)
“SERENE SERENITY” (18:18) from For The Money #2 (1993)

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Shayla.com Update Alert (07/22/17)


More of an exercise in nostalgia than a proper update, the SHAYLA.COM nerds responsible for cobbling together these things used the update to reminisce on what Shayla LaVeaux was up to back in the Summer of 1997. Apparently, she was doing what that era’s porn stars were supposed to be doing: shooting movies, attending awards shows, and appearing at conventions. I’m pretty sure feature dancing figured into that summer, too, but they did not delve into that topic. Rather, the text story focused on Shayla’s starring role in the WICKED PICTURES release of Ernest Greene’s SURRENDER (1997).

SURRENDER was one of Shayla’s most ambitious features, taking place primarily in flashbacks of JAZZ AGE Hollywood, sparking her interest in that era, which persists to this day. Shayla and Mark Davis play the ghosts of a married pair of Hollywood stars who died on their honeymoon in 1930 and have been haunting the hotel and fucking the guests ever since; most prominently, Missy. The nerds misidentified a few pix as coming from SURRENDER, which were really from DARK PARADISE #1, an S/M feature from BIZARRE VIDEO which Ernest Greene must have started shooting immediately after SURRENDER wrapped since it utilized the same location and Shayla’s hairdo and make-up carried over.

This update contained 1 semi-relevant video clip and 35 photos.
4 pix were taken BTS at the 1997 XRCO Awards Show with colleagues like Janine and Shanna McCullough.
3 pix were taken BTS on the set of Scene 2 of SWEET DREAMS (1999).
24 pix were taken BTS on the set of SURRENDER (1997) but 2 pix are minus Shayla.
3 pix were non-nude pretty girl publicity shots for DARK PARADISE #1 (1997)
1 unrelated pic
1 unrelated video — DARKER SIDE OF SHAYLA #1 (1993), Scene 4: Alex Jordan and Steve Drake.

SURRENDER (1997) was never released on DVD, so, good luck finding it on auction sites! DARK PARADISE #1 (1997) and SWEET DREAMS (1999) still available on DVD and VOD. All video photo content included in update is accessible from SHAYLA.COM through your choice of $3/$20/$30/$60 subscription options.