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RISQUE REFLECTIONS Opening! (first OFFICIAL clip store)

While at AEE this January, Shayla LaVeaux finally gave consideration to the possibility of launching personal clip stores through the CLIPS4SALE network. Today, marks the launch of Phase 1. The RISQUE REFLECTIONS store will serve as the secondary outlet for the release of SHAYLA.COM video content. It will also serve that function for content from CYTHEREASWETWORLD.COM and 247ADULTSTARS.COM.

This initial collection of offerings from the website archive have been covered here previously, but Shayla has personally authored entirely new scene titles and synopses for use by the store. Here is a sample:

Turquoise with Envy

I slowly start sucking your cock, feeling you get harder in my mouth. I feel it grow and twitch until I can’t take it anymore. I need more. … I spit on the tip before shoving it deep inside. Ah. There! … Do you like it when I talk dirty to you? I want you to know what I want. I want you to know how you make me feel. When I get this wet, I just can’t get enough of you. … Mmmm. … Let’s do it again VERY soon.

Length: 6 minutes
Format: WMV
HD Size: 380 MB
HD Price: $6.99 USD
Format: MP4
SD Size: 154 MB
SD Price: $5.99 USD


That was the same scene I wrote about in Update Alert (06/28/14). As you can see, the video quality in both formats has been upgraded from the original 91 MB file size.

There are currently 4 more scenes featuring Shayla available at the store (each separately purchasable in either HD or SD formatted clips).

I will keep you appraised of future additions as they are updated.



Shayla LaVeaux radio appearance update July 2014 [1]


Ever since Shayla LaVeaux started tweeting on a regular basis, seemingly every porn-person with a radio/podcast show has been trying to book her for their air. When Shayla made a brief 10 minute call-in to BLAME IT ON GINGER last Wednesday, Ginger Lynn jumped to the front of the line ahead of the likes of Christy Canyon and Debi Diamond by offering to share her house (and boyfriend) when Shayla returns to L.A. next month.

Well, hey there, Swingers! (#_#)/

The show will air live on Monday, July 14, from 4-6 PM PDT.

Yes, Shayla will be doing sex stuff.

(0_=)/ Update Alert (05/29/14)

After a regrettably long delay….


Shayla LaVeaux was smokingly hot in this update. It had several pix of her playing with her booty and included SIX clips in the video component! At a strictly personal level, however, I’m not quite digging this scene because it was produced at sunset on January 16, 2014. By that time I had already been in Las Vegas for THREE hours, yet nobody invited me over to Chris King’s hotel room to witness Shayla in action. Are you kidding me? (>_<)/

Anyway, as Shayla stated in her May 30 entry, this was one of her “all time favorite shoots from this years AEE”. The images and video provided show no evidence to the contrary…despite my not being there. (;_;)

The image component of this update consisted of 63 BTS photos (B&W and color).

Each of the six MP4 clips in the video component of this update is distinct from the others and, therefore, independently titled.

1. Setting The Scene runs 1:00 with a 14 MB file size. Shot by DMinion, it shows Chris King setting up his cameras for the start of Shayla’s solo scene.

2. The Big “OH” runs 0:52 with a 12 MB file size. Shot by DM, it shows the climax of Shayla’s solo scene.

3. Shayla Going Down runs 5:53 with an 83 MB file size. Shot hand-held by Uncle Gibby, it presents Shayla’s solo scene in its entirety from the perspective of the GoPro. This clip was processed into a softly-focused image with slightly muted color.

4. The Artist Gibby runs 4:12 with a 59 MB file size. Shot hand-held by Uncle Gibby using the GoPro, it depicts some of the still-photo session preceding the shooting of Shayla’s solo scene on video. Chris King enters the frame to coach Shayla several times. This clip was processed into monochrome during editing and is presented in Black & White.

5. Easy (Chair) Does It runs 4:12 with a 69 MB file size. The main attraction, it captures the same action as Shayla Going Down, only from the perspective of Chris King’s tripod-mounted camera. This clip is presented in color with relatively sharp color separation.

6. Going Down with Shayla runs 4:55 with an 357 MB file size. It is an MP4-HD version of Easy (Chair) Does It.

The varied visual styles of the latter three clips represent the experimental aspect of Shayla’s soon to debut store at CLIPS4SALE. Until that’s ready, the content listed above is available through SHAYLA.COM with a $20/month subscription.