Update Alert (05/29/14)

After a regrettably long delay….


Shayla LaVeaux was smokingly hot in this update. It had several pix of her playing with her booty and included SIX clips in the video component! At a strictly personal level, however, I’m not quite digging this scene because it was produced at sunset on January 16, 2014. By that time I had already been in Las Vegas for THREE hours, yet nobody invited me over to Chris King’s hotel room to witness Shayla in action. Are you kidding me? (>_<)/

Anyway, as Shayla stated in her May 30 entry, this was one of her “all time favorite shoots from this years AEE”. The images and video provided show no evidence to the contrary…despite my not being there. (;_;)

The image component of this update consisted of 63 BTS photos (B&W and color).

Each of the six MP4 clips in the video component of this update is distinct from the others and, therefore, independently titled.

1. Setting The Scene runs 1:00 with a 14 MB file size. Shot by DMinion, it shows Chris King setting up his cameras for the start of Shayla’s solo scene.

2. The Big “OH” runs 0:52 with a 12 MB file size. Shot by DM, it shows the climax of Shayla’s solo scene.

3. Shayla Going Down runs 5:53 with an 83 MB file size. Shot hand-held by Uncle Gibby, it presents Shayla’s solo scene in its entirety from the perspective of the GoPro. This clip was processed into a softly-focused image with slightly muted color.

4. The Artist Gibby runs 4:12 with a 59 MB file size. Shot hand-held by Uncle Gibby using the GoPro, it depicts some of the still-photo session preceding the shooting of Shayla’s solo scene on video. Chris King enters the frame to coach Shayla several times. This clip was processed into monochrome during editing and is presented in Black & White.

5. Easy (Chair) Does It runs 4:12 with a 69 MB file size. The main attraction, it captures the same action as Shayla Going Down, only from the perspective of Chris King’s tripod-mounted camera. This clip is presented in color with relatively sharp color separation.

6. Going Down with Shayla runs 4:55 with an 357 MB file size. It is an MP4-HD version of Easy (Chair) Does It.

The varied visual styles of the latter three clips represent the experimental aspect of Shayla’s soon to debut store at CLIPS4SALE. Until that’s ready, the content listed above is available through SHAYLA.COM with a $20/month subscription.


2 thoughts on “ Update Alert (05/29/14)”

  1. I don’t blame you for my not being at the shoot, since my phone number wasn’t on your contact list.

    The regrettably long delay is due to the long period between that update being posted at and the update alert for it being posted here (and twitter).

  2. Oops. I’m not sure how we could have forgotten to invite you to the shoot, if for no other reason than we’d have someone special to blame if something went wrong. I’m not sure who’s to blame here, but I’m certain it wasn’t me.

    I figure we’ll blame Maverick. That always works. … BTW, why the “regrettably long delay” here? You mean before we shot it, or before we got it posted? Shayla has many, many things in the queue.

    Some idiot made the horrible mistake of showing all the files waiting in the RAIDs when Shayla was at the office a couple of weeks ago, and she spent most of an afternoon beginning conversations with the sentence, “You mean we haven’t used THAT yet?” … We have decided to blame Mav for this as well.

    Handy sorts, those Brits. (And they really do all drink tea. Go figure.)


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