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Spring has Sprung!!

I’m soooo excited! My spring flowers are coming up … what a breath of fresh air after the dull landscape that winter brings. It’s been so dry on the western slope that I’ve had to start watering just to get things going. Not looking forward to my water bill if this keeps up. 🙁

I’m getting my plans together for a Cali trip, finally!!  It’s been almost 8 months since my last trip out there. So far I have a couple of shoots set up; one is for content trade so that means some new stuff for my website. I think Julia Ann is going to be involved in one of them. Yippee! Love her!!! And a straight B/G. The other shoot is a big budget movie for Miko Lee Productions, written and directed by my very good friend Raquel Devine. I’ll be playing an undercover cop … with a 3-way with Raquel and Tommy Gunn. … OW Boy this is going to be good!!! I don’t remember the last time I was on a big shoot like this. The biz isn’t what it used to be. We’ll be covering it for, so stay tuned for some hot new content. Then I’ll be heading up to my webmaster’s place in Santa Maria for a few days to work  on my website and shoot some more content. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in lunch/dinner with Nina and Kylie. This is going to be a fantastic trip!!!

Next entry … behind the music, stay tuned!!






Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year!
Have A Sexy 2011!

For me, the New Year means reflecting on the past year – setting goals – letting go and moving on. … A fresh start, so to speak.   Sometimes easier said then done, but I have the best intentions!!

Tomorrow I head to LV for the AEE (CES). I am really looking forward to it!!! This will be the 1st year that I will be attending, without having any commitments or schedule.  Yahoo!!!!   I will be promoting – shooting new content – taking in all of the eye candy,  and whatever else I want to do.

Before we disembarked on this adventure, we put up a new set of pics and video on….This one has the amazing Nici Sterling, Wilde Oscar and Alicia (a newbie).  This scene has all of my favorite components for a scene — hot women and a real dick!!!!   😀   I believe this was my 1st scene with Nici. She is someone I have loved ever since she came into the biz. … Gorgeous, smart and soooo sexy.  Wilde Oscar is a great guy all around, and Nici’s other half, which in my opinion always makes for a great scene … as long as everyone is comfortable. (They were!!!)  And the beautiful Alicia — she was new, hot and eager!!!  There are plenty more hot scenes where that came from!!!!   Stop by and check  out

Live Love Laugh,



Time Flies

My trip to Cali was fun and eventful…. I have worked out some details  for my website. There’s a lot more involved then I had ever imagined. Whew!!!  It is coming together slowly but surely.

The shoot was amazing!!!!! There were some last min changes; instead of a g/g they put me in a b/g/g…. My Favorite!!!  I had the pleasure of working with Sunny Lane. She is such a cutie and delicious at the same time! We had a blast!  Nick Manning was  our yummy stud. I have worked with him on several occasions…. He is definitely one of my all time favorites!!!  It was a very hot and orgasmic scene to say the least.  The day couldn’t have been better, with Erica McLean in the director’s chair and some friendly old faces that I hadn’t seen forever.  It was a good day at the office…. I walked away with a big smile on my face!!!!   😛    I’m not sure when the movie will be released, but keep a look out for for The Flying Pink Pig,  starring Sunny Lane…. You won’t be disappointed.

Live Love and Laugh

California or Bust …

Sorry it’s been awhile!!!!!

Last week I was in Southern Cali  for family festivities. (Refer to last blog.) I had a great time!!!!  Found out I’m going to be an Aunt again — the youngest sis is due in December…..  My other sister is due in January! Glad it’s them!!!!  I’m happy to be an Aunt — spoil them and send ’em home… Perfect!!!!

In San Fran now doing an appearance with Raquel Devine…. Love her!!!!!  Friday I head to Santa Maria to finalize some website ideas … and drop off some more content for them to sort through…. I can’t believe how much stuff I have accumulated through the years.  I can’t wait for it all to be up for everyone to see!!!!  For me it’s a journey down memory lane…. Boy how time flies!!!!  Of course there will be new stuff too!!  😉

Sunday I’m driving down to LA for a movie shoot….. I am sooooo excited! The director is Erica McLean, an old friend I haven’t seen in forever. Yippie!!!!   I will be doing a g/g with the beautiful Emy Reyes…. Yummie!!!!   The shoot takes place on a ranch, so I will be taking advantage of the great location and shooting some intros and content for my site/blog….. It should be a very fulfilling day!!!!