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Sad News


Shayla called me and asked me to tell you that she has an illness in her family. Her favorite aunt is extremely sick, and Shayla said she might not be able to get to her Blog for a little while.

Please think some good thoughts for Shayla, her aunt and her family!


July Update

Hi All!

I had a great time with my fam. on my vacation! It went WAY too fast! I caught a few rays, but not intentionally and spf was always applied. … Wish I had my own personal cream boy!!

I had a second trip to SF and Chicago, 2 of my fav cities!! Looks like I’ll be in LV next month to shoot for Taylor St Claire ( which I will get for And hopefully I’ll be going to Florida. I’m sure we’ll be shooting some stuff there, also!

On my Message Board, we talked about a Japanese Anime movie I did called Angels In The Court.  I had totally forgotten I did this!! I was kinda playing around with voice-overs and this particular project came to my attention. It was soooo much fun voicing an animated character and having the freedom to take it over the top.

One of our most popular topics this month was the web site where people can tell perfect strangers that they find them annoying. Apparently some folks think I am, but my wonderful fans have been voting otherwise! As far as I’m concerned this is absolutely ridiculous and fixed. Again thanks to everyone for voting for me, but don’t waste your time on this. … There are soooo many more important things to do than waste our time on this BS. They have Freedom of Speech, we have Freedom of Choice, and I choose to ignore these jerks!! Now the Wiki stuff and all of the other supposed fact sites are a whole other ball game!!!

This career ended up being a book of my life and not just the chapter I thought it would be. All and all I have to say it’s turned out to be one hell of a book!!! Why stop at just a chapter? It’s been too much fun!!


Happy Independence Day!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you have a wonderful July 4th! But in between the picnics, pool parties, and BBQs, give some thought as to what this holiday is all about. We are free and independent to do what we want, to view what we want, and to read what we want. You have the freedom to watch my movies and buy my magazines. Remember to vote to keep these freedoms! I love America!


This and That

Hi all,

Well I’m sure everyone is in the summer swing of things by now.  I don’t know where the time has gone.  I’ve been busy getting the yard cleaned up and ready for planting.  The flower beds are full and the garden is composted and tilled. Tomorrow I’m off to the nursery again to get some veggies and a few more flowers for my new pots on the patio.  So much work but very enjoyable!!!

I’ve been on the Message  Board a ton but have lagged on my blog, so some other updates.  Today I went in and had a cancerous spot removed from my back;  it was Basal cell so the least serous of skin cancers.  My sun worshiping days are over!!!! Still hunting for a new car.  I think I have it narrowed down to either a Ford Escape or a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

On the 4 legged front, I had a poison scare with one of the dogs.  I had put out d-CON, due to some rodent problems and Trouble (the BT) found the very well hidden block.  Thank goodness I realized it was gone and got him to the vet.  He’s doing great!!!  FYI, if you have an animal that has consumed poison and it’s within a short period of time from consumption … for every 100 lbs give them a tablespoon of Hydrogen peroxide.  It makes them throw up. Then head to the vet.  They will put him on Vitamin K to counteract the poison.

My trip to LA went great!!! We got some stuff done for the website, bought a new computer and shot some content for  The shoot for Miko Lee productions was amazing. …High budget, beautiful and soooo much fun.  It was so nice to be a part of a movie of this caliber. …Miko Rocks!!! Check out the TRAILER.  I head to LA the end of July for the followup #3. I also shot a couple of scenes with Danny Ocean as a content trade. Unfortunately the lighting wasn’t great, so the quality sucks!! 🙁   We do have some great stuff on so please stop by and check it out!!

Wednesday night I did an interview with Mans Night Out.  Here’s the  YouTube LINK as well.

Chris is amazing and gives a GREAT interview so check it out.

More to come, so stop by again soon!!!

Live Love and Laugh