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Hi all,

Well I’m sure everyone is in the summer swing of things by now.  I don’t know where the time has gone.  I’ve been busy getting the yard cleaned up and ready for planting.  The flower beds are full and the garden is composted and tilled. Tomorrow I’m off to the nursery again to get some veggies and a few more flowers for my new pots on the patio.  So much work but very enjoyable!!!

I’ve been on the Message  Board a ton but have lagged on my blog, so some other updates.  Today I went in and had a cancerous spot removed from my back;  it was Basal cell so the least serous of skin cancers.  My sun worshiping days are over!!!! Still hunting for a new car.  I think I have it narrowed down to either a Ford Escape or a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

On the 4 legged front, I had a poison scare with one of the dogs.  I had put out d-CON, due to some rodent problems and Trouble (the BT) found the very well hidden block.  Thank goodness I realized it was gone and got him to the vet.  He’s doing great!!!  FYI, if you have an animal that has consumed poison and it’s within a short period of time from consumption … for every 100 lbs give them a tablespoon of Hydrogen peroxide.  It makes them throw up. Then head to the vet.  They will put him on Vitamin K to counteract the poison.

My trip to LA went great!!! We got some stuff done for the website, bought a new computer and shot some content for  The shoot for Miko Lee productions was amazing. …High budget, beautiful and soooo much fun.  It was so nice to be a part of a movie of this caliber. …Miko Rocks!!! Check out the TRAILER.  I head to LA the end of July for the followup #3. I also shot a couple of scenes with Danny Ocean as a content trade. Unfortunately the lighting wasn’t great, so the quality sucks!! 🙁   We do have some great stuff on so please stop by and check it out!!

Wednesday night I did an interview with Mans Night Out.  Here’s the  YouTube LINK as well.

Chris is amazing and gives a GREAT interview so check it out.

More to come, so stop by again soon!!!

Live Love and Laugh




8 thoughts on “This and That”

  1. Hello Shayla,
    I’m Rafael from Brasil and I want to know if there is any chance for me to talk to you and maybe see or meet you someday. I acctualy are very ficcioned with you and my biggest fantasy is with you. I’m sorry if i’m being rude but now that I found someway to have a conection with you (but like you say conection has to be with body and touches), i’m desperate. I love the way you convey passion in your movies and you are the kind of woman that make my heart beats more faster its something that is beyond just sexual, is more intense… could I contac you in cam or an e-mail that shows me its realy Shayla Laveaux?
    ps. sorry for my bad English rs
    Passionate kisses for you…

    1. Hi Rafael,
      Thank you for your kind words!!! It’s really me!!! I do perform on every once in awhile, so stop by and see when I’m scheduled. If you’re new to Streamate please sign up at, and look for my name. In the near future I will also be offering live shows on

      I look forward to connecting with you soon!!!!

  2. What Shayla means by “unfortunately the lighting wasn’t great so, the quality sucks!!” is that the lack of quality was so defaming she won’t be using it as content for her website EVER!

  3. “You’re not gonna go around like a ghost, though, are you??? ;P”

    What does that mean, Charlie?
    What does that even mean…?

    1. People are used to seeing me super-tan. … Have no fear, I’m using tanning creams and my girlfriend and I have a spray tan machine. I understand as a society we associate tan to healthy. Well tanning is not healthy!! Would rather be white than get skin cancer. Thank goodness there are other healthy options to get that summer glow.

      LOL….. Thanks E!!! I don’t think he meant it in a mean way … just kind of came across that way.


  4. Wow! It sounds like you may need TWO green thumbs to keep up with the plant life at home… but I’m sure it’ll all be colorful and/or tasty in the end. 🙂

    I had good vibes about the #2 shoot; it’s great to hear that #3 will be filming soon! (Man, I haven’t been excited for a movie in a while. Should I be scared? LOL) Hoping for another blast in L.A.!

    I do recommend that folks listen to the interview – I thought it was pretty interesting, personally.

    Would not have thought of hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting, I have other recipes for that… but that is a much faster method to purge the system quickly. Thanks for the advice! And keep Trouble out of trouble! (Groan.)

    Laughing about the vehicle choice… I told my best friend that I was seriously thinking of getting a Ford Escape, but a big reason why I didn’t was because he pooh-poohed the idea so much. When I told him what I got, the first thing he asked me is why the heck I didn’t get the Escape!? “Oh, I was just kidding, you couldn’t tell??” Uh, no. Thanks heaps. Still good with what I have, though. 🙂

    As for the spot removal… (((hugs))) You’re the second lady in a week I know who’s had that done; I still am not sure what the first’s status is, but I am very grateful both of you did something about it early. You’re not gonna go around like a ghost, though, are you??? ;P

    Oops, hushing now…


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