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Sometimes (not very often) I’m a person of very few words,  especially when it comes to writing.  One of my strengths has always been interacting with people. … Face to face, at conventions – dancing – signings – shoots etc. … I like to see the person I’m communicating with, and to have a physical connection. … No, I’m not just talking sexually. (Although that is very NICE!!)  I like eye contact. I want to see your expressions and feel your energy.   Okay, so it is sounding sexual, I can’t help it. … It comes naturally!!!  Now that my site is up and running I have posts, blogs and stories to write. I have to get used to interacting with people through this technology.  Patience and perseverance!!!!!  Something I am excited about and that is right up my alley are live shows! Woohoo!!!  That way we can all be satisfied!!!!! 😆      I’m off to the grocery store. Then I’ll walk the dog, work out, and head over to my girlfriend’s house to get my camera set up for live shows and to practice spray tanning.   Until next time. … Enjoy the journey!!!!

Love and peace!!!!!