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Hi all,

Well things are finally starting to calm down on the home front. My Aunt is doing GREAT!! I decided to take my friends from Delaware up on their invitation to come out for a get-away and a party. I’m planning on relaxing, having some fun, and catching up.

Thank you for your patience and support over the last 2 months!!

Live Laugh Love


September Update

Hi Everyone!

Happy Fall!

We were very busy on the Message Board this month! Here are some of the things my fans and friends and I were talking about:

Two of my fans found some great Shayla merchandise on Ebay that even I didn’t know about. There was a pair of boots signed by me and tons of other porn stars. The boots were going for $595! (That is sooooo cool!! Wish I would have thought of that!!) Also a Shock and Latex soundtrack on CD!

We talked about the strangest things I’ve signed for fans. (Boots are right up there!) I’ve signed baseballs, and a butt, and a boob. How about a Real Doll and dildos!

I was caught on film wearing the same outfit three different times. The way I see it, if you find an outfit you like, enjoy it more than once. I know that’s generally a no no when you are “in the biz” and have been photographed in it … but I don’t always do what I’m supposed to!!! ;))

And we talked about being Hot for Teacher! I think we all have had fantasies about a teacher along the way. I loved going to typing class. My teacher had been a Playboy centerfold and was so sexy!!




My Aunt

Welp, here’s another post that didn’t get up in a timely manner. … My bad!!! My web peeps were kind enough to post the last update so ya all didn’t think I completely fell off the face of the earth.  I’m back and doing GREAT!!  My Aunt is pretty much self-sufficient now and is doing absolutely fabulous!!!  Only 2 more weeks of  infusions (IV antibiotics to finish off the MRSA infection).  So we’re pretty much back to normal!!!

I want to thank all of you for your support over the past couple of months. … It means a lot!!

My Aunt is doing GREAT now.  She has been moved to the Physical Therapy floor and is improving each day!!!  She is so determined  — positive and strong.for  I know she is on the road to recovery.  She’s my hero and best friend!!!!

One of the reasons I moved back to Colorado was for her and my Mom. They aren’t getting any younger, and based on some circumstances it was time.  My Aunt has lived a very full life. She has been a hippie hangin’ in SF and hitchhiking across the US,  an art teacher and photographer, a skier, and a rancher among other things. She even built (with some help) her dream house in the Rocky Mountains.  She always said she lived her life with “Reckless abandon”.  At times she may have been a bit reckless, but boy does she have a lot of great stories to tell!!

She has always been there, with an open heart and mind!!! I’m glad I can be there for her when she needs me!



Sad News


Shayla called me and asked me to tell you that she has an illness in her family. Her favorite aunt is extremely sick, and Shayla said she might not be able to get to her Blog for a little while.

Please think some good thoughts for Shayla, her aunt and her family!