Fetish, Music, Dance, and Movies!

Hi All!

Hope you all had a GREAT Halloween!!

As always, we’ve been very busy on my Message Board. Here are some of the things we’ve been talking about!

A favorite and very creative fan put up the oldie but goodie song Magic by Pilot on my board for Halloween. Definitely a favorite. … Then he added an even older clip of Fred Astaire and some tap dancin’ cuties! Tap has always intrigued me. I took it for awhile. Decided I was better at moving my hips. The feet just wouldn’t move that fast! LOL!!!


The same wonderful fan posted some of my vintage and modern box covers — a Playboy Strip Search (Only my body was used on the cover. You couldn’t really see my face.), Eye Candy by Jim Holliday (Only my eyes on the cover. Really interesting and very cool looking!), and a Japanese comp. called Super Lovely MILF Collection. (All of me for this one!) the scene is from a Cougar movie I did for Miles Long. Love that shot on the cover, and the scene in it was pretty darn good too. … My 1st scene with Erik Everhard! Smokin’!!! Always interesting to see how and who they use for the box covers.


And the boards were burning up after posting some awesome fetish photos and video I shot for Ernest Greene on my site. I told my web-minion DM about it over the phone, and here is what she wrote:

1. This was a scene Shayla did for Ernest Greene.

2. This scene was one of the first scenes Shayla had done with Roxanne Hall. They had been on several sets together, and Shayla liked her because besides being nice and sexy, Roxanne liked sex a bit harder than most. This was a super hot scene and gave Shayla “sensory overload” in a good way!

3. The scene was filmed in the house of a man who really lived the Fetish lifestyle. He had erotic pictures all over the walls. The one that Shayla especially remembered was one with a woman tied up, standing on blocks of ice, with spikes under them. (To each his own, I guess!)

4. There were all sorts of bondage/fetish toys throughout the house, and one that stood out for Shayla was a dildo with an electronic current running through it.

5. After Shayla’s scene with Roxanne, there was a scene with Roxanne and Ernest Greene where he caned her hard enough to draw blood. And Roxanne LOVED it! Shayla said she had to pick her jaw up off the floor!

Oooh! Kinky! I have lots more where that came from! I know we’ll be posting more fetish sets and video in the future!



3 thoughts on “Fetish, Music, Dance, and Movies!”

  1. It should be noted that the box covers were non-US versions:
    Playboy Strip Search DVD (Japan Release)
    Eye Candy DVD (Japan Release)
    Eye Candy DVD (Netherlands Release)

    Aside from the language printed on the box, the Dutch and American covers of EYE CANDY were identical.

    Shayla’s scene with Roxanne Hall originated in DARK PARADISE (1997). The version posted in her video updates was from the compilation EROTIC WORLD OF SHAYLA LAVEAUX (1999) featuring several of her scenes directed by Ernest Greene for Bizarre Video in the 1990s.

    1. “Playboy Strip Search DVD (Japan Release)”

      Oops, I forgot that the Japanese release had been retitled

    2. Thanks for the more in-depth info E. … You really are a wealth of information and ideas!!


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