All posts by eno_erif Update Alert (03/08/12)

Going forward, I will post an alert within 48 hours of Shayla LaVeaux’s adult site ( updating its content.

For those unfamiliar with’s update format, it consists of a text story with a photo set and a video clip. Usually, at least 2 of these share relevance and the other is sort of a throw-in. For this update Uncle Gibby gave his account of the first night of Shayla’s return to exotic dancing. Note that it was an account only of her FIRST NIGHT co-featuring with Olivia Parrish at the Bouzouki Greektown in Detroit, Michigan. The events of the ensuing nights will be revealed in future updates.

As fans visiting ShaylaVision over the past 4 months are aware, Shayla LaVeaux shot two scenes last December with her old friend Jay Crew and his wife, the aforementioned Olivia Parrish. The B/G scene made up both the video and photo components of the 03/08/12 content update.

This is the very first B/G hardcore produced exclusively for!

I would love to share a couple of the raunchier shots, but WordPress won’t allow it. If you want to know just how Shayla ended up with that facial, then it is time you picked up a membership.

Appearing Live Tonight through Saturday!

Shayla LaVeaux returns to feature dancing starting tonight at the Bouzouki Greektown in Detroit, MI.
There will be three shows per night over three nights and anything else one needs to know was pretty much covered in all the posts I’ve made about this topic — yeah, that means EVERY POST THIS MONTH!

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Once again, Olivia Parrish will be co-featuring and one may phone the club for more specific showtimes.