Shayla LaVeaux shooting schedule: January 2015


Due to illness, Shayla LaVeaux was unable to put in more than two days of shooting during AEE week in 2015.
Neither did she attend the AVN AWARDS SHOW, electing to fly home early on Saturday morning.

01/20 website content with Chantelle Fox

01/22 website content with Chantelle Fox & Jay Smooth


On Monday, Shayla was introduced to UK porn star Chantelle Fox, who had been brought by Maverick to experience her first US porn convention. Shayla and Chantelle took an immeidate liking to one another, which was fortunate because a series of G/G scenes were planned for that week.


Tuesday would be the first day of actual content shoots and once again, Chris King would act as primary photographer. Among the various clips completed were interviews, jerk-off instructional, solo masturbation, mutual masturbation, and squirting (Chantelle with Shayla assisting).


Jet lag caught up to Chantelle on Wednesday, so both girls took the day off to rest.

On Thursday morning, Shayla and Chantelle ventured to Chris King’s hotel suite to shoot G/G content, where the wily shutterbug surprised them with porn newcomer Jay Smooth. This will be the first B/G/G scene produced specifically for since its 2010 relaunch.

By the time I arrived in Las Vegas on Thursday afternoon, Shayla was feeling flu symptoms and all her remaining shoots for the week were effectively cancelled.

I’m not sure what else to add. I wasn’t planning on attending the awards. I had planned to go to the AEE convention, itself. Thursday, after the shoot we ate at the Pink Taco and that was when I really started getting sick. I believe it was the flu and my immune system was weakened by a hectic schedule and two bouts of pneumonia starting from November. Sadly, my shoots were cut, but I had an amazing time with the whole Risque gang and playing with the delicious Chantelle Fox (and Jay Smooth, such a pleasure). Super bummed it was cut so short, however, I’m finally starting to feel like my old self again…although still pacing myself and trying to take it easy.

Get well, soon, Shayla!



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