Update Alert (01/16/15)


Remember last year when I told you that Shayla recorded an interview for APPLES & PAIRS which was left unfinished ( Well, a full year later and it has yet to be completed, so it has yet to be posted. That did not, however, prevent the SHAYLA.COM nerds from using D.Minion’s photos of the making of that episode to illustrate an almost entirely unrelated text story about Shayla’s first appearance in a Paul Norman project. That shoot resulted in Scene #5 of 1992’s CARNIVAL OF KNOWLEDGE, which in turn led to Shayla signing the one-year exclusive contract with Norman that led directly to her winning all three major starlet awards for 1994.

The video component of this update is in fact Shayla’s scene from CARNIVAL OF KNOWLEDGE, featuring P.J. Sparxxx, Tom Byron, and T.T. Boy as her cavorting companions.

This update consisted of 20 non-nude photos and 1 MP4 clip with a running time of 14:15 and file size of 175 MB.

All yours for a $20/month subscription.


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