April Madness

Hi y’all,

I hope everyone’s April celebrations have been fun and fulfilling!! I can’t believe the month is half over. … Good grief!!

Much thanks to E, for keeping everyone up dated on my recent travels and shoots. Everything went better than expected. LA family time was GREAT and LV was stimulating to say the least. I can’t believe I’ve been home a week already!! Last Saturday was filled with food prep, decorating, and coloring Easter eggs.  We had 22 people over and held our annual Easter egg hunt for the lil’ ones, neighborhood kids included!!

Monday, we (my sister and a group of girlfriends)  went to the Rockies home opener game. It’s been our tradition since I moved back to Denver.  The day started at 10:30am with Mimosas and breakfast. Then we caught a cab to the stadium. … The weather was absolutely beautiful!!! Unfortunately we lost the game, but we kept the party  going until 11:00pm. We did take pics, but  I can’t share them here. .. SORRY!!  As you can imagine Tues was a recovery day!!!

The rest of the week has been filled with tracking down and organizing inventory for the Shayla.com store, (I can’t believe how much stuff I’ve collected over the years!!), taxes, and doctor appts.  (Physical, mammogram, Pap, and dentist. … Vinnie went to the vet Fri for his yearly, and Monday we have a follow-up with Vinnie’s eye specialist. (His eye is still a bit foggy.)  So far we have a clean bill of health!!!

I hope all of you are healthy and happy!!!

Time to rest up for next week, it’s going to be a duzzie (sp?) !!!!

A friend sent this to me. Definitely a good one. …

“I am me.  I am somebody.  I like being me.  And I need nobody to make me somebody.”  Author Unknown


~S 😀



2 thoughts on “April Madness”

  1. BTW, the word is “doozy” or “doozie”. Although the specific origin of the term is in dispute, it first appeared in the published English language in 1903 and eventually replaced the word “daisy” as slang for something appealing.


  2. As a Giants fan, I was watching that game on TV.

    LOL, a Barry Zito shutout!

    Better luck in 2013, Shayla (since they won’t be playing the Giants)!

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