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September Update

Hi Everyone!

Happy Fall!

We were very busy on the Message Board this month! Here are some of the things my fans and friends and I were talking about:

Two of my fans found some great Shayla merchandise on Ebay that even I didn’t know about. There was a pair of boots signed by me and tons of other porn stars. The boots were going for $595! (That is sooooo cool!! Wish I would have thought of that!!) Also a Shock and Latex soundtrack on CD!

We talked about the strangest things I’ve signed for fans. (Boots are right up there!) I’ve signed baseballs, and a butt, and a boob. How about a Real Doll and dildos!

I was caught on film wearing the same outfit three different times. The way I see it, if you find an outfit you like, enjoy it more than once. I know that’s generally a no no when you are “in the biz” and have been photographed in it … but I don’t always do what I’m supposed to!!! ;))

And we talked about being Hot for Teacher! I think we all have had fantasies about a teacher along the way. I loved going to typing class. My teacher had been a Playboy centerfold and was so sexy!!




July Update

Hi All!

I had a great time with my fam. on my vacation! It went WAY too fast! I caught a few rays, but not intentionally and spf was always applied. … Wish I had my own personal cream boy!!

I had a second trip to SF and Chicago, 2 of my fav cities!! Looks like I’ll be in LV next month to shoot for Taylor St Claire (taylormadeclips.com) which I will get for Shayla.com. And hopefully I’ll be going to Florida. I’m sure we’ll be shooting some stuff there, also!

On my Message Board, we talked about a Japanese Anime movie I did called Angels In The Court.  I had totally forgotten I did this!! I was kinda playing around with voice-overs and this particular project came to my attention. It was soooo much fun voicing an animated character and having the freedom to take it over the top.

One of our most popular topics this month was the web site AmIAnnoying.com where people can tell perfect strangers that they find them annoying. Apparently some folks think I am, but my wonderful fans have been voting otherwise! As far as I’m concerned this is absolutely ridiculous and fixed. Again thanks to everyone for voting for me, but don’t waste your time on this. … There are soooo many more important things to do than waste our time on this BS. They have Freedom of Speech, we have Freedom of Choice, and I choose to ignore these jerks!! Now the Wiki stuff and all of the other supposed fact sites are a whole other ball game!!!

This career ended up being a book of my life and not just the chapter I thought it would be. All and all I have to say it’s turned out to be one hell of a book!!! Why stop at just a chapter? It’s been too much fun!!