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2011 AEE and Awards Show…Finally!!!

So I was looking for a particular story that I had started last week and found several that, well, never made it out of the drafts department.   🙄 So here ya go!!!

It all started on Wed. Steve (long time group member) and I caught our flight out of DIA.  Once in LV we were met by our local LV friend Lon. After grabbing lunch and picking up Maverick (our token Londoner) we met up with everyone else at the hotel and  made the long journey to the convention center to pick up our badges. Cytherea and I took a walk around to check out the chaos of  booth parts,  and people getting things set up for the Big Day.   Now for dinner, we decided to hit a new pub in the hotel. … Thank goodness we had Maverick, to advise us on what to get. Toad in the Hole anyone? Or how about a Spotted Dick for dessert!!?? Lots of food and many drinks were consumed over the course of the evening as other friends arrived …  Harry, Eric, and then the highlight of the evening, Cheyenne Silver joined us! What a pleasant surprise!!!!

The next day came quite early … 6:00 am. Argh!!! I was off to a breakfast meeting with Lucky and Andre Madness. I’m not much of a morning person, but Andre is an exception to the rule. I hadn’t seen him in years and it was nice to catch up!!!! Then it was time to get ready and head to the show. …

I’ve been doing the AEE shows since ’93, with a small break the last few yrs. It was nice to be there on my own time for a change!!! We decided to wander around and get the lay of the land, which took about 20 min. I couldn’t believe how small it had gotten.  It wasn’t what it used to be. … Heck the biz as a whole has changed considerably!!!! The most exciting thing for me was seeing some old friends and interacting with the fans. … That’s always been the best part!!!!  Over the next few days we would pop in to the convention here and there, but we wouldn’t stay long. It was super busy and pretty boring!!!

Our evenings were filled with friends, food, drinks and very interesting conversations. … Perfect!!!!! One of the best meals we had was at Birtolli. We were seated in the wine room and had an amazing meal with some new friends.

Cheyenne was staying in the suite with us and we hooked up with Cytherea daily. … I actually did her makeup one day, and it turned out pretty darn good!!! I did have a beautiful canvas to work with, so it was easy!!!! The girls decided they wanted to shoot a G/G scene, so I was more then willing to run the camera.  It was super hot … a bath tub and 2 delicious  girls. What more could you ask for?  I do have a new found respect for the folks behind the camera!!!

Now we come to Saturday and the Awards show at the Palms. … OW Boy!!!! It was an absolute zoo and not very organized in my opinion. A lot had changed. Showtime was running things now. Once we finally got in to the main room, we stood in line to walk the red carpet. I couldn’t believe how much press was there! It was Awesome!!!! We snaked through the room doing interviews and taking pictures, then the line weaved outside and back through the main doors of the Palms. Then we hit absolute insanity with no place to go, so we followed the herd to a room a few floors down. We ran in to Chi Chi LaRue, Tera Patrick and many others. … It was getting packed and uncomfortable so Cheyenne and I decided to get out of there and find our peeps and grab a drink. We needed it!!! The highlight of the night was sitting in a VIP box away from it all, with our own bar. Thanks Jack! Wish you were there!!!!!. … Ow Yah and seeing  all of the beautiful girls dressed to the 9’s. The show itself was okay. We cut out early!!!!

This and That

Hi all,

Well I’m sure everyone is in the summer swing of things by now.  I don’t know where the time has gone.  I’ve been busy getting the yard cleaned up and ready for planting.  The flower beds are full and the garden is composted and tilled. Tomorrow I’m off to the nursery again to get some veggies and a few more flowers for my new pots on the patio.  So much work but very enjoyable!!!

I’ve been on the Message  Board a ton but have lagged on my blog, so some other updates.  Today I went in and had a cancerous spot removed from my back;  it was Basal cell so the least serous of skin cancers.  My sun worshiping days are over!!!! Still hunting for a new car.  I think I have it narrowed down to either a Ford Escape or a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

On the 4 legged front, I had a poison scare with one of the dogs.  I had put out d-CON, due to some rodent problems and Trouble (the BT) found the very well hidden block.  Thank goodness I realized it was gone and got him to the vet.  He’s doing great!!!  FYI, if you have an animal that has consumed poison and it’s within a short period of time from consumption … for every 100 lbs give them a tablespoon of Hydrogen peroxide.  It makes them throw up. Then head to the vet.  They will put him on Vitamin K to counteract the poison.

My trip to LA went great!!! We got some stuff done for the website, bought a new computer and shot some content for  The shoot for Miko Lee productions was amazing. …High budget, beautiful and soooo much fun.  It was so nice to be a part of a movie of this caliber. …Miko Rocks!!! Check out the TRAILER.  I head to LA the end of July for the followup #3. I also shot a couple of scenes with Danny Ocean as a content trade. Unfortunately the lighting wasn’t great, so the quality sucks!! 🙁   We do have some great stuff on so please stop by and check it out!!

Wednesday night I did an interview with Mans Night Out.  Here’s the  YouTube LINK as well.

Chris is amazing and gives a GREAT interview so check it out.

More to come, so stop by again soon!!!

Live Love and Laugh




Spring has Sprung!!

I’m soooo excited! My spring flowers are coming up … what a breath of fresh air after the dull landscape that winter brings. It’s been so dry on the western slope that I’ve had to start watering just to get things going. Not looking forward to my water bill if this keeps up. 🙁

I’m getting my plans together for a Cali trip, finally!!  It’s been almost 8 months since my last trip out there. So far I have a couple of shoots set up; one is for content trade so that means some new stuff for my website. I think Julia Ann is going to be involved in one of them. Yippee! Love her!!! And a straight B/G. The other shoot is a big budget movie for Miko Lee Productions, written and directed by my very good friend Raquel Devine. I’ll be playing an undercover cop … with a 3-way with Raquel and Tommy Gunn. … OW Boy this is going to be good!!! I don’t remember the last time I was on a big shoot like this. The biz isn’t what it used to be. We’ll be covering it for, so stay tuned for some hot new content. Then I’ll be heading up to my webmaster’s place in Santa Maria for a few days to work  on my website and shoot some more content. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in lunch/dinner with Nina and Kylie. This is going to be a fantastic trip!!!

Next entry … behind the music, stay tuned!!







The background:  I have known Jay and Michelle for 10 yrs. now. …We met at an Adam and Eve party in LV during the 2001 CES show.  He owns a store called Pure Fantasy in Delaware and wanted to bring me in for a signing and dance booking.  From there a wonderful friendship began.  Like all friendships we have been through a lot together; they have seen me at my worst and my best … and have always loved me and supported me, as I have them!!!

A great time was had by all. Thursday’s fundraiser went well; we had tons of wonderful donations from various people for the raffle. A good meal of corned beef and cabbage, with various desserts and plenty of donated alcohol.  I think the bartenders ended up drinking more then the patrons. …Imagine that!!  I had a wonderful surprise at the end of the evening — Charlie (a member of my website and on the road fan friend) arrived from Maine … bearing wonderful goodies, including 2 live lobsters. What a GREAT gift!!!

Some friends came over on Friday to help with prep work and cleaning for the Big house party on Sat.   Our reward at the end of the day was a lobster roast with all the fixen’s. …Yummo!!!

Saturday went off with a bang.  It was one of the best parties they’ve ever had.   Michelle and I made sure that everyone was properly greeted and beaded. It was a St. Pattie’s Day meets Mardi Gras party.  Most of the girls were scantily clad — wearing outfits from lingerie to costumes.  There were pole dancers to lap dances. I did a show that involved wax and pearls.    The drinks were flowing – tops were popping and the music was bumpin’.    The night came to an end with the regulars doing a final toast. …GREAT job Jay and Michelle…. We love you!!!!  😛

Live Love and Laugh!!