Shayla LaVeaux scene re-release update May 2017


Shayla LaVeaux just moved in and wasn’t expecting a package today. However her realtor sent a house-warming gift via personal currier. When the delivery guy arrives, Shayla is eager to show off her new enclosure. But a gift basket is the last thing she wants from this guy – she needs the delivery guy’s pants package in her pussy!!!

Shayla LaVeaux & Mikey Butders
Seduced By A Cougar (2017/05/30) [remaster]
Running Time — 29:47


HD 1080p……2.56 GB
HD 720p……1.10 GB
DVD 2K……464 MB

For some reason, the trailer is not downloadable this time around, most probably they used the exact same one made in 2008. Other downloadable content includes 348 (91.4 MB ZIP) upgraded images. The original 2008 version of this clip contained 528 images. Thankfully, there are pix in this re-mastered set which were not published previously (such as #3 sample above) and they are quite spectacular! Both original and remastered versions are available exclusively at NAUGHTYAMERICA.COM (monthly membership required for content downloads).


3 thoughts on “Shayla LaVeaux scene re-release update May 2017”

  1. i have always loved this scene. it’s probably one of my all-time favorites of shayla, but i was just really disappointed in the finish when she tells him to cum inside her, only for him to inexplicably pull out and give her just your typical, same ol’ bland, run-of-the-mill porn facials instead. i do realize that the whole “who, what, why, where, when & how???” aspects of the “moneyshot” is always agreed upon prior to the shooting of the scene, but to hear her tell him “cum inside me” and then not actually get to see that, well that’s like an old used car salesman bait-and-switch tactic if i ever heard one. what can i say??? i love creampies!!! for me it is the absolute number one thing that makes or breaks any scene for my particular porn-watching preferences. not everyone likes them and not everyone does them. i get that. to each his/her own. now i do know there’s all kinds of negative ramifications that can come from them too, such as unwanted pregnancies, s.t.d.’s & the like, but there are certain precautions you can take too to offset those as well to make it a more positive experience for everyone involved, from the performers, to the directors and to the consumers. i think for the most part performers in the porn industry do a good job of taking care of their bodies and undergo blood tests all the time to safeguard against any nasty transmissions of bodily fluids, so if i had my druthers, every porn scene would include a creampie. it’s just so much more realistic and true-to-life in this day and age of instant gratification, social media and reality-tv. that being said, do you think we will ever see a creampie scene with shayla??? i sure hope so!!! 🙂

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