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A Short Story … by Moi! (Muah!)

I can’t believe that the last time I blogged was Thanksgiving. … Bad Shayla!!  Y’all can give me a spanking the next time you see me. 😈  I know E has been doing a gr8 job at keeping everyone informed about  Shayla.com updates … although I don’t entirely agree with everything he says. … We all have our opinions.  We do some fun and wacky things for our conglomerate of sites and my motto has always been:  Life is too serious.  Your porn shouldn’t be!!!

So here’s what I’ve  been up to since TG. The time has gone so fast!! I’m on Twitter now.  I know, shocking as it might seem I finally took the plunge. I’ve had an account since, well, since Naughty America signed me up one day when I was shooting for them and that was like five-ish yrs ago. (If I’m wrong E inserts right date here.)  I’m honestly enjoying it. So stop by and say HI!!

The beginning of December I took a trip to San Francisco for work and play.  My sister had a conference there, so we extended our trip for some girl time.  We enjoyed Union Square (Amazing and crowded during X-mas!) and Chinatown. (Love their markets!) We stayed in Japan town one night and enjoyed a Japanese bath house. … So yummy!!!! I need to find one in Colorado.  The rest of our trip was spent in Sonoma. (Three nights!!!)  I am absolutely in love with that place. … So quaint, friendly, artsy, and it has a lot of interesting history.  We were planning on heading over to Napa, but that will have to wait for another trip … and there will be more!!  We drove up the coast to Armstrong Forest (Redwoods), passing through some amazing lil towns.  I can’t wait until my next trip to wine country!!

The rest of December was filled with baking, X-mas parties and shopping, although not only X-mas shopping. I have two nieces and two nephews with birthdays in December!! Things wrapped up with our family going to the theater to watch a X-mas play. We go every year! This year it was White Christmas — and it was excellent! My birthday on December 27, and that rounded out the year nicely. Whew!!

On a more serious note, my dog Vinnie needed surgery. (Luckily, all went gr8!)

At the beginning of January we attended “Becoming Van Gogh” at the Denver Art Museum. It’s amazing what he accomplished in ten short years!!  I started  thinking  about what I’ve accomplished in the last ten yrs. … And well, that was very depressing and motivating!!

I also attended the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, although I didn’t go to the convention much. (Not like the good ol’ days!) I did run in to some amazing people whom I hadn’t seen in yrs.  We shot a lot for Shayla.com and KristalSummers.com!! Yep you read it right. KS and I shot together for our websites. With one membership you get access to both of us, plus  Risque.com, CythereasWetWorld.com, 247AdultStars.com, and KylieIreland.com.  What a deal!!

The trip wrapped up with the AVN Awards Show. Honestly I was not happy about attending.  The previous two years the awards had been painful, and we ended up leaving early. … I swore I would never go again. Then I got the phone call …  it was this and that and blah blah blah. Well I hate to hear a grown man beg. … So I  gave in and boy am I glad I did!!  It was great … very entertaining and fast. … I really enjoyed myself!!  It was so good that I kept waiting for a lull so I could to head to the ladies’ room. I looked at the program and figured I had at least five pages to go before it was all over. … Was I wrong!!  Before I could get back to my seat, it had  finished!!

Later that evening I found out that Kylie and the gang won Best Art Direction for Star Wars XXX … while I was in the ladies room.  It brought back an interesting and very embarrassing moment in my career. … The year after I won Best New Starlet, I was on stage to announce that year’s winner. I was so damn nervous that I didn’t announce the nominees and went straight to the winner. … Guess who won and was in the bathroom … the beautiful and amazing Kylie Ireland!!! So I guess we’re even-ish… 😆

The past week has involved my continued challenge of catching up on some taxes.  Yesterday I started some green chili for the game. (A tradition for Super Bowl.) Next week I’m heading to Cali for a family visit, and after that it’s work, work, work!!

Good grief!! This was a long blog!!

Enjoy the journey and don’t forget to Live, Love and Laugh along the way!!!

xxoo ~S