Category Archives: The Rest Update Alert (10/20/14)


Of the approximately two dozen items Shayla LaVeaux modeled for GINGERLYNNAUCTIONS.COM, 22 were listed and every one of them quickly sold. The photos taken to illustrate the listings were shared with SHAYLA.COM and a number of them are now available in the latest content update. Many pix therein were not used for the auction site and are being published for the first time. Since not all of the items listed appear in those pix, it is a safe bet that more will be forthcoming in future content updates.

This content update consisted of 122 still photos.
There was no video component.

Shayla will be shooting more pix (and listing new items) for GINGERLYNNAUCTIONS.COM in November. Until then, enjoy the photos taken of the previous listings with your $20/month subscription.