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Of the approximately two dozen items Shayla LaVeaux modeled for GINGERLYNNAUCTIONS.COM, 22 were listed and every one of them quickly sold. The photos taken to illustrate the listings were shared with SHAYLA.COM and a number of them are now available in the latest content update. Many pix therein were not used for the auction site and are being published for the first time. Since not all of the items listed appear in those pix, it is a safe bet that more will be forthcoming in future content updates.

This content update consisted of 122 still photos.
There was no video component.

Shayla will be shooting more pix (and listing new items) for GINGERLYNNAUCTIONS.COM in November. Until then, enjoy the photos taken of the previous listings with your $20/month subscription. Update Alert (01/09/14)

The grand finale of the Egyptian Suite series featuring Shayla LaVeaux modeling for Chris King has arrived!


Besides gorgeous images and sexy videos, this content update also included a text fantasy scripted by Shayla, herself.  By “fantasy” I don’t mean she authored a tale of fairies and elves; no way, that’s DMinion’s forte.
This fantasy, rather, was a third-person description of what Shayla goes through when shooting sans partners.

For this content update the image set consisted of 5 monochrome, 1 semi-colored, and 50 full color photographs.  The MP4 video component of this update contained 3 BTS clips with an aggregate running time of 4:07 and a combined file size of 64 MB; plus a 5:56 toy solo with a 92 MB file size.

Get all of the thriller and none of the filler (unless you spell it as “fill-her”, in which case there’s plenty) for just $20/month!

(0_=)/ Update Alert (11/24/13)


The 11/24/13 content update is actually three-fold. Aside from the dildo-diddling by Shayla LaVeaux in “Pain In The Glass” (from a photo shoot in Nina Hartley’s studio loft circa 2005), we have “Shayla” and “Anthony” in two amateur photo sets taken before they were known by those names (Shayla had requested these early pix be remastered for, since they happen to be the earliest hardcore shots of her taken).

“Pain In The Glass” consisted of 55 color photos. “Early Bravery” had 30 XXX photos reprocessed into monochrome. That same set originally ran 13 years ago on and is still available there in its original color (albeit lower quality) format. “Early Gynecology”, also republished from the archive, consisted of an additional 25 color photos of young Shayla’s post-coital pudenda.

“Pain In The Glass” is as amazingly beautiful as Shayla has ever been in front of a camera. “Early Bravery/Gynecology” is as young as Shayla has ever been seen engaged in anal adventuring. This update had no video component.

Scoop them up for your collection with a $20/month membership.


*The 11/24/13 content update was not wholly Shayla-centric, but did include 4 pix of Shayla. One was part of the same set as “Pain In The Glass”; the rest were polaroids taken in the 1990’s.