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Shayla LaVeaux scene release update May 2012


Shayla owns a men’s clothing store that specializes in suits. She likes to make sure that each suit fits each body perfectly, which of course means taking some very thorough measurements. When Tommy comes in for a suit Shayla can tell that he’ll need her special touch. Shayla knows that the best way to take an inseam measurement is with your pussy.

This scene starring Shayla LaVeaux and Tommy Gunn was shot in Las Vegas on April 04, 2012 and releases Wednesday on the website. Naturally, it is also available on the BRAZZERS.COM parent site. It is not a content-share project with

New Shayla LaVeaux Interview


While at the BRAZZERS studio in Las Vegas earlier this month, Shayla LaVeaux sat for a brief (3:51) Q & A with Bucky Beall for PEEPERZ.COM. The question I showed in the above sample resulted, partly, in this answer:

“…Talent can be their own publicists. You don’t have to count on having a contract and having a company market you…that with the internet and twitter and everything like that…you’re able to…uh, kind of be your own, um, publicity agent.”

If words alone aren’t enough to convince you to go the PEEPERZ site to check it out; I promise you that if you can stay all the way through it — there will be boobz. Update Alert (04/18/12)

Well, Uncle Gibby finally wrapped up his hazy recollection (got wasted) of the final night of feature dancing by Shayla LaVeaux and Olivia Parrish at the Bouzouki Greektown in Detroit, Michigan. Finally, we were provided some pictures of Shayla and Olivia to go along with the story. The pictures were all taken in the loft provided by the club for use by feature dancers as their temporary living quarters. Almost zero were useful for publication here at ShaylaVision. For the most part it was the nudity that made them unusable, but among the clothed shots we have nothing which can be used for commercial promotion. There is not a single one which conveys, “I am Shayla LaVeaux, Hall of Fame Adult Entertainer, returned triumphant to the LIVE stage!”

Well, maybe this one….

If you want to see these candid “backstage” photos of Shayla LaVeaux which no other website has, it’s only $19.95/month to join She looked beautiful, effervescent, and vivacious in them. Really!

(sorry, fans, no video clip in this update)

Shayla LaVeaux scene release update April 2012

Two of the scenes in which Shayla Laveaux performed while in Las Vegas last month have already been released by two different sites owned by Taylor St. Clair within the CLIPS4SALE.COM network.

The breast expansion (BE) video runs 14 minutes and is selling for $14.
This scene contains neither sex nor nudity. Collect at your own risk.

The female domination video, which is a fully hardcore B/G scene runs 27 minutes and sells for $15 at FemDomDesire, but is $15.99 if downloaded from the CLIPS4SALE board. This particular scene, however, was also a content-share project with Shayla.Com and should be available for download to her subscribers as part of their standard $19.95/month membership relatively soon.

Should you proceed to those sites, you’ll find preview clips and piXXX there.