Update Alert (08/12/15)


Chris King’s marathon photo shoots of Shayla LaVeaux and Chantelle Fox will now be posted in a quasi-new website. Mr. King and the Grand Poobah had creative differences over the way REELSEDUCTION.COM was being promoted and as a result that site is no longer included as part of the RISQUE.COM subscription package. However, his past work for RISQUE is still covered and is now part of REELRISQUE.COM, which has taken over REEL SEDUCTION’s old web address.

250 hardcore pix featuring Shayla, Chantelle, and Jay Smooth were posted to ye olde REELSEDUCTION.COM on 04/27/15 and transferred to REELRISQUE.COM two months later. The latest update at bridges the gap between the two Reels by continuing the publication of content shot on 01/22/15 in Las Vegas. Jay Smooth does not appear in this round, however. “Mmm is for Mischievous” consisted of 96 G/G pix. “Feeling Mischievous” consisted of 35 Shayla-only solo pix. There was no video component.


Pictures of Shayla LaVeaux taken by Chris King, now and in the future, will continue to be available with a $20/month membership to SHAYLA.COM.


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