Update Alert (06/28/14)


This one featured a different Shayla LaVeaux toy solo from the same session which produced the content for the 06/10/14 update. However, this time the action unfolds on the actual bed. Shayla partners up with a flexible, black, 1990’s model which somewhat reminded me of Lexington Steele.

The sole video/photographer for this session was once again Lucky Smith (using 2 separate automated vid-cams). One of the clips which made up the video component was a BTS doc in which Shayla and Lucky banter as only people who have been friends for most of their adult lives can. Yes, I intended “adult” as a double-entendre.

This content update consisted of 66 glamour pix and 2 MP4 clips. “Phake Phallus Phun” is the actual toy solo and runs 6:27 with a 91 MB file size. “Shayla LaVeaux and the Phun with Phake Phallus” is a BTS clip documenting the photo shoot. It has a running time of 6:42 and a file size of 94 MB.

The RISQUE.COM content update for 06/29/14 includes 10 further photos from that same “LAB Experiment” shoot.

Available for your perusal with a $20/month subscription to SHAYLA.COM.


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