Hi all,

Well things are finally starting to calm down on the home front. My Aunt is doing GREAT!! I decided to take my friends from Delaware up on their invitation to come out for a get-away and a party. I’m planning on relaxing, having some fun, and catching up.

Thank you for your patience and support over the last 2 months!!

Live Laugh Love


3 thoughts on “Howdy!”

  1. Hello Shayla, how are you?
    I’ve been trying to talk to you but I don’t have dollar to access your chat site because I’m from Brazil.
    I’m Rafael and I want to know if there is any chance for me to talk to you and who knows see or meet you someday. I acctualy are very ficcioned with you and my biggest fantasy is with you. I’m sorry if i’m being rude but now that i find someway to have a conection with you (but like you say conection has to be with body and touches), i’m desperate. I love the way you convey passion in your movies and you are the kind of woman that make my heart beats more faster its something that is beyond just sexual, is more intense… could I contac you in cam or an e-mail that shows me its realy Shayla Laveaux?
    ps. sorry for my bad English rs
    Passionate kisses for you…
    Please, reply me yourself?

    1. Hi Rafa,

      I’m not sure how to prove to you that this is me, but it is! I’d be happy to share a connection with you here. Do you have any questions for me? What kinds of fantasies do you have about me? … I’d love to know!


  2. Well, hi there!

    Good to hear things are good for you; of course, I know you to be a happy, positive person, so I know things will turn out okay!!

    Yup, the waterfall! I mean, oh my gosh, yum!!!! You look great in everything you do, but THAT one is incredible!!

    I had a girlfriend in Delaware for a while, when I was working in Salem, New Jersey. It’s because of her that I still say “shore” when I’m meaning to say “sure.” Ha!

    Well, as always, so good to be talking to you. You are a true sweetheart, and a wonderful lady!

    I’m in North Carolina at the moment,…. make sure to let me know if your travels bring you near!

    Friend, fan, and admirer for life,


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