Update Alert (03/16/13)


I arrived in the Las Vegas area on Saturday (01/19/13). Shayla LaVeaux and most of the Risque Commune had been there since Monday or Tuesday. I had been invited to observe one Shayla’s solo scenes, but once we were on the set I was pressed into service as Maverick’s assistant videographer. He shot the pretty girl stills, D. Minion photographed the BTS stills, and I manned the camcorder. Once the stills set was completed, Maverick took back the camcorder to shoot Shayla doing the full solo-to-climax scene. The text segment of the update was written by ME [eno_erif] and is a more detailed account of what you just read in this paragraph.

The remaining content consisted of 72 BTS pix and 2 BTS video clips with an aggregate running time of 11 minutes. The glamour stills and Shayla’s uninterrupted solo will be in a future update.

The main thing one should know about the content of the update is that its purpose was to let her fans see her the way she really is on set. No one else can straddle the line between goofball and Goddess quite like Shayla LaVeaux does, which is what makes being around her such a unique and delightful experience.

Download it and be amused as part of one’s $20/month membership.


One thought on “ Update Alert (03/16/13)”

  1. Very well put honey, you def have a way with words…..Loved the last paragraph, very honest but, nice!!

    Thank you, for being you!!

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