Rockin and Rollin!!


Well it’s been a pretty hectic couple of weeks. … Last week I was in Boston for several days with Raquel Devine. She is such an amazing lady, I love hanging out with her.

This week I have been doing the usual catch up stuff … finalizing the look of my blog page – getting things transferred for ( Yes, it’s in the works. … Finally!!) and getting my travel plans together for the next couple of months. FYI: I will be appearing at the Miami Exxxotica show May 14 – 16. It sounds like there is going to be a ton of performers from the past and present. … I can’t wait. It should be a great time!!!! 😛


4 thoughts on “Rockin and Rollin!!”

  1. Hey J

    It was sooooo nice to meet you!!!! I love meeting the people who have supported me through the years!!!! We don’t have a launch date yet…the people at risque are working hard to get it up and going ASAP. I will keep you all posted through my blog so please check back for the launch date. Thanks for coming by!!!

    Live Love and Laugh

  2. Hey S,

    Great to see you in Boston. You look AMAZING. So glad you have your blog up. Looking forward to your website next. Launch date??

  3. Hi Lon,
    Thanks for stopping by, its so nice to hear from you!!!! It’s nice to be back with the group…I’m learning a lot!!!! I hope everything is going great for you and look forward to seeing you again soon!!!


  4. Shayla,
    I am glad to see you back with the group and am looking forward to seeing you in person again.

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