Update Alert (04/04/12)

In what cannot be merely coincidence this Update concerning her brief visit to Las Vegas catching the finale of AEE 2012 was posted at the same time Shayla LaVeaux is in Las Vegas shooting actual XXX.

Shayla?…Ya gotta love her!
This kinda thing wouldn’t happen to Taylor Wane.

5 thoughts on “ Update Alert (04/04/12)”

  1. Just for the record, I love that butterfly top….obviously!!! When I find something I like, I enjoy it multiple times….that doesn’t just go for clothing. Besides, Shopping isn’t a hobby or a past time, for me its a job!!! Any personal shoppers out there????? LOL!!!!


  2. Whoops, I am very sorry, I meant to put the above question in the previous post about shayla’s recent shoots in LA

    1. Hi there,
      If the right project comes along, I would love to!! If not I will def be doing one for my website…soon very soon!!!

      Thanks for the msg….Stop by again and see whats new!!

    2. It’s in writing, Fans….

      Shayla LaVeaux would love to do an anal project!


  3. Thanks for the very good news about Shayla shooting again eno! I’m hoping perhaps shayla may do an anal scene for one of the bigger companies in L.A. too

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