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Broncos Parade

I have had a bunch of truly wonderful times in my life, but what an unforgettable experience this past Tuesday turned out to be. Who knew that a parade could be such fun?

Welcome home and well done Denver Broncos Parade!! I have never seen or done anything like this in my life; you’d think I had played the darned game myself! My mom and I debated about whether we should even try to brave the crowds, but eventually we decided that this chance just doesn’t happen very often, so off to the light rail we went. And BOY was I glad I did. I was so happy. I felt nothing but positive vibes and the excitement of a crowd for an entire day, and that doesn’t happen very often either. Everywhere I went there was such kindness, laughter, and love. … I wish every day could be like that!! 

We all felt thousands and thousands (and thousands) of people bonding by coming together to welcome home the Super Bowl 50 Champions! What a wonderful (ok, and sorta silly) thing. … Think about it this way: When is the last time you heard about a million people marching on a capitol and it was because everyone was HAPPY?

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  1. As a San Francisco Giants fan, these massive championship parades are a biannual thing — and it’s an even year! In my lifetime the Warriors have secured 3 NBA titles, the Giants have won 3 World Series, and the 49ers racked up 5 Super Bowls. I only went to the Giants’ 2010 parade and by the end, it smelled like I was drowning in an ocean of sweaty feet. I avoided the next title parades in the Bay Area.

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